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Common Damage Mechanisms that MISTRAS Detects and Prevents

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Though the types of damages we face may differ across asset and industry, our process remains the same: utilize our industry-leading asset protection inspection, testingconsulting, maintenance, and monitoring solutions to identify and protect at-risk assets and components.

Asset and component failure can be catastrophic for your facility –  wasting costly resources, leading to secondary damage, and risking the safety of plant personnel.

During daily operation, assets and components of any material will undergo stress generated from use, external loads, or the surrounding environment. Over time, the buildup and combination of these influences can lead to a number of defects that can trigger more serious damage.

MISTRAS utilizes its industry-leading inspection and engineering portfolio to identify assets and materials that are at the highest risk of damages. We can help you detect, locate, identify, and mitigate even the smallest defects as soon as they occur, including:

With decades of experience managing the problems our clients face every day, we customize solutions to each individual problem. As a true OneSource provider, MISTRAS has the technology and expertise to protect your facility’s integrity, extend the useful life of your assets, and maintain productivity, no matter what the problem is.

MISTRAS Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Inspection Services

With a wide variety of available non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions, MISTRAS can detect, identify, and locate a range of defects, even if they are not yet identifiable with traditional visual inspection.

Inspection is quick, effective, and accurate, allowing your assets to perform at their optimal capacity without long inspection delays or the risk of damage-related asset failure.

We perform these services in the field, and in our in-house labs, depending on your needs.

Some of our NDT inspection techniques include:

With trained rope access technicians, certified divers, and professional drone pilots, MISTRAS can also locate these damages in at-height, confined, and subsea locations, so you can be sure that no damages are worsening in areas you can't see.

MISTRAS Special Emphasis Programs

Many of the critical damages for which MISTRAS provides asset protection solutions are common across many clients in a particular industry.

MISTRAS has developed proceduralized inspection, consulting, and maintenance programs for recurring damage mechanisms that require additional expertise beyond the usual asset protection provider.

We offer special emphasis programs to address:

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