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MISTRAS Group’s access solutions make inspection, maintenance, and protection possible for any at-height, confined, or subsea asset.

Assets in hard-to-reach locations often are not inspected and repaired as frequently as they should be, due to the costs and dangers associated with accessing them. But short-term gains can lead to disastrous long-term consequences, as damages that go undetected can worsen and place facilities, personnel, and the environment in serious danger.

MISTRAS provides certified and experienced technicians to access and service assets in hard-to-reach areas, using multiple industry-proven access methods, including:

On land, underwater, or in the air, MISTRAS technicians help ensure assets in the infrastructure, power, oil and gas, and manufacturing industries are operating safely and efficiently. MISTRAS’ access services make inspection and maintenance possible for the hazardous, remote, hard-to-reach, and confined space locations in your facility.

At-Height Access Services

MISTRAS safely performs at-height inspection and maintenance services utilizing rope access teams, scaffolding, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones. We offer these services for hard-to-reach assets including bridges, stacks, towers, pipe racks, electrical systems, and much more.

We choose the at-height access solution based upon the individual project and facility needs and potential hazards. We may recommend utilizing our professionally-piloted drones to establish a project’ scope before sending a manned team to access the asset in question. If project conditions warrant it, MISTRAS will conduct scaffolding around an asset and perform any necessary inspections and maintenance.

If constructing scaffolding will create hazards by increasing on-site equipment and personnel, our world-class rope access teams have an impeccable safety record in accessing at-height assets to perform inspection and maintenance services.

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Confined Space Access Services

Confined space assets such as boilers, HRSGs, and pressure vessels – or any asset that has limited means of entry and exit – may appear to be in safe operating condition on the outside, but internal corrosion, cracking, and other defects can lead to serious safety and productivity concerns.

Confined space entry (CSE) can be dangerous, as many of these assets are pressurized or contain hazardous gasses. When this is the case, we may send in drones to take images and video and perform non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections to pre-qualify manned inspections and maintenance.

MISTRAS also supplies multi-disciplined rope access teams that can de-pressurize or degas tanks and vessels, perform inspections and maintenance, and place the asset back into service.

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Subsea Access Services

MISTRAS offers certified divers to perform inspection, maintenance, and consulting services for subsea and underwater assets, including bridges, dams, abandoned structures, and nuclear fuel tanks. We also offer subsea remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs) that can dive several hundred feet under the surface to perform inspections.

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