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Asset Condition-Monitoring

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MISTRAS offers asset condition-monitoring solutions for high-value assets in high-temperature, hazardous, and hard-to-reach locations, enabling our clients to stay informed of corrosion, leaks, electrical faults, cracking, and more before they worsen.

Inspecting your assets on a regular basis is important, but ensuring the lasting integrity for your assets is impossible without being completely informed of their condition at all times. Implementing a monitoring solution is integral for the safety, health, and performance of any facility.

MISTRAS offers condition-monitoring and tracking solutions for assets in the oil & gas, infrastructure, power generation, manufacturing, and aerospace industries.

Our certified technicians install non-intrusive monitoring systems & sensors tailored to the individual needs of your facility. Our monitoring equipment integrates with plant data management software, so owners can receive complete condition assessments in real-time.

Our ultrasonic (UT) and acoustic emission (AE) monitoring equipment is industry-proven to detect and locate defects as soon as they occur, enhancing safety and enabling optimized planning, repairs, and maintenance spending.

Assets that MISTRAS Monitors

MISTRAS monitors many assets to provide consistent condition assessments that help ensure their long-term health, including:

Our on-line monitoring provides data for the accurate reporting and precise analysis of your asset’s operating conditions, along with data trending, management, and storage.

Gathering this information for historical tracking can be effective in observing asset behavior over time, along with telling you when and where maintenance is necessary, and reducing the risk of equipment failure or shutdown. Monitoring with MISTRAS minimizes damage with early, real-time defect detection and location.

Asset Condition-Monitoring Benefits

Small defects that go undetected in between scheduled inspections can quickly magnify into serious safety concerns for equipment and personnel.

Our remote monitoring capabilities enable our clients to stay informed of their asset’s condition in even the high-temperature and hard-to-reach assets that often get overlooked in traditional inspections because of the hazards associated with accessing them.

Unattended monitoring also standardizes data reporting. Rather than disparate inspectors manually inputting individual data points into data management software, monitoring software provides consistent, standardized data and trending.

Flexible Pricing for Monitoring Systems

Purchasing and installing a monitoring system can have high up-front costs, but it can drastically reduce long-term maintenance spending and safety hazards by alerting operators before assets fail.

MISTRAS offers flexible pricing for our monitoring systems to enable our clients to reduce both short-term and long-term spending, by enabling them to spread out the cost of their initial purchase and installation over an extended period. We also work with our clients to supply rental monitoring equipment and smaller systems, ensuring that they remain aware of their asset's conditions within their budgets.

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