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Offshore Platform Inspection and Corrosion Removal Services

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MISTRAS provides a combination of high-quality inspection, maintenance, and mechanical services, paired with elite access capabilities, to service every aspect of your offshore platform.

Marine environments make offshore platforms subject to a variety of defects and damage, including corrosion, storm damage, insulation degradation, debris accumulation, and a variety of other risks to the structural and mechanical integrity of the facility.

MISTRAS has the inspection, engineering, maintenance, and access expertise to ensure that your offshore platform and all related componentry are operating in regulatory compliance and at their optimal production capacity, while promoting equipment, personnel, and environmental safety.

We offer our asset protection solutions to extend the operational lifetimes of multiple offshore rig components, including:

  • Drill Risers
  • Piping
  • Platform Decks
  • Platform Hulls
  • Storage Tanks
  • Structural Supports
  • Welds

Offshore Platform Maintenance & Light Mechanical Services

Given their marine environment, offshore platforms are at a constant risk for corrosion damage and corrosion-related asset failure.

With a specialty in corrosion mitigation and removal, MISTRAS performs multiple light mechanical and maintenance services on offshore platforms to repair damages before they seriously threaten production and rig structural integrity.

MISTRAS technicians can detect and repair even corrosion damage that is hard-to reach, hidden from view, or covered by insulation or other materials. Our mechanical services keep all the assets and equipment in your facility functioning safely, efficiently, and defect-free, with expertise in:

Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Blasting Services

Surface corrosion and surface debris can degrade material integrity, interfere with the effectiveness of protective coatings, and accelerate the rate of further damage. MISTRAS’ Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Blasting solutions help to extend the useful life of offshore assets by mitigating and removing extreme corrosion and deteriorated coatings.

UHP is a safe, effective, and cost-efficient alternative to traditional corrosion removal methods, used to clean and prepare surfaces through high-pressure water blasting.

With minimal equipment setup, no need for containment, and no hazardous airborne materials, UHP cleans the surface from the bottom of the pits up, to expose and open up existing surface profiles.

MISTRAS also offers a proprietary, robotic UHP system that simultaneously cleans surfaces while recovering all spent water, paint, and corrosion chips. This leaves the substrate ready for immediate application of protective coatings, and also supports simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) as the system can operate safely alongside other personnel.

MISTRAS also performs abrasive blasting, baking soda blasting, and slurry blasting as methods of corrosion removal for offshore platforms. Our surface preparation services for offshore rigs are performed in accordance with API Best Practice 91.

Learn more about our UHP blasting services here.

Offshore Platform Inspection Services

Assessing the structural and operational integrity of offshore platforms and assets is essential to ensure that something as small as an individual leak is discovered before it turns into a catastrophic disaster.

MISTRAS provides inspection services to ensure that your offshore platform remains free of defects and damage that jeopardize personnel safety and lead to costly downtime.

Our non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection and monitoring services for offshore platform assets include:

  • Critical Asset Integrity Management
  • Drill Riser Inspection
  • Flexible Riser Monitoring
  • Marine Riser Pipe Inspection
  • Production Riser Inspection
  • Storm Damage Assessment
  • Subsea Pipe Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping

Offshore Rope Access and Diving Services

Offshore rigs require high levels of maintenance and attention, but because of their marine locations, they can be difficult to access. MISTRAS’ offers trained and certified technicians access to access at-height, confined, and subsea locations on offshore platforms, regardless of structural or environmental limitations.

Rope Access

Rope access technicians are available to ensure that offshore platforms maintain structural integrity from sea level up. MISTRAS’ certified rope access experts can perform initial inspections and maintenance on at-height and bottom-side components of offshore platforms. We’ve also successfully performed confined space rescue operations.


MISTRAS has certified divers who can perform inspection and coating, welding, formwork, and other maintenance services on the subsea assets that are essential for offshore operations, including piping, platform supports, and other assets.


MISTRAS’ professional drone pilots and operators fly unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) subsea remote-operated vehicles (ROVs) to perform fast, efficient, and cost-effective inspections of platform topsides, in-service flares and booms, crane structures and cables, risers, and subsea pylons and bracing.

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