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Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) Blasting

Ultra High-Pressure (UHP) Blasting Corrosion Removal Services

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Maintaining the integrity of your assets is vital to the health and fitness of your business. MISTRAS’ Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) blasting delivers an efficient corrosion removal method that’s designed to save you time and money.  

Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) is an effective blasting solution that serves as an ideal choice when traditional methods of removal are simply not powerful enough. Performed at extremely high speeds with propelling heavy water pressure at low volumes, UHP is designed to shed corrosion and various other forms of damaging, harsh build-up. MISTRAS’ UHP technology is a safe, practical, and cost-effective solution that boasts a selection of on-site benefits.

Multi-Purpose UHP Water Blasting Services

Ultra High-Pressure (UHP) Water Blasting Services delivers quick and easy surface preparation, minimal equipment set-up, and safe working conditions. From a safety perspective, MISTRAS’ UHP system reduces the release of hazardous airborne materials, therefore diminishing the need for containment, and offers an opportunity for personnel to be able to work side-by-side with our innovative robotic UHP system. These benefits help diminish costly downtime and an on-site personnel footprint.

We perform Ultra High-Pressure (UHP) blasting for assets and facilities such as storage tanks, offshore platforms, heliports, and others that are susceptible to damaging elements like salt, sand, water, paint, mold, corrosion and more.

Advanced Grit Injection, Water Nozzle Surface Preparation

While traditional UHP can expose surface profiles where they already exist, it cannot produce a new profile on rust blooms, where active metal degradation has corroded the surface. MISTRAS’ fully-engineered nozzle introduces minimal amounts of garnet into the UHP stream, blasting at 360° degrees, to produce up to a 4mil anchor profile on new steel. With our nozzle, we can create a synergistic effect in using abrasives and water to achieve advantages of both processes.

This Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting method is a safe, practical, and cost-efficient means of surface preparation. It offers the capability of cleaning the surface from the bottom of the pits up, to expose and open up existing surface profiles.

Robotic Blast and Vacuum Recovery System

MISTRAS also offers a UHP Robotic Blast and Recovery system as a safe, practical and cost-efficient means of blasting decks, heliports, ship hulls, columns, storage tanks and more. Through its vacuum recovery system, all spent water and paint chips are recovered during the blasting process, freeing the air from toxic contaminants, and leaving the substrate ready for the immediate application of protective coatings.

In combination with a safety winch system, the robotic system’s powerful vacuum allows it to operate on vertical surfaces, and even upside-down, enabling blasting in locations difficult or impossible for technicians to access with handheld equipment. With recorded production rates as high as 500 ft2 per hour, this system is a fast and efficient way to remove coatings in marine and industrial applications. Beyond raw speed, its clean operation even allows painters and other workers to operate side-by-side with the unit while it is in use, further enhancing project efficiency.

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