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MISTRAS Group offers comprehensive data management capabilities to seamlessly streamline the organization, analysis, and storage of your inspection and integrity data.

Refineries, manufacturing plants, petrochemical plants and other process plants have mountains of data available to them. Every asset within a plant – every valve, stretch of piping, tank, vessel, and every individual component that’s used to construct them – has previous inspection reports, installation and replacement dates, fitness-for-services (FFS) assessments, and a multitude of other data tied to it.

It is crucial for plant executives, operators, and maintenance personnel to have easy and effective access to this information, in order to make the most informed maintenance decisions to keep a plant, its personnel, and the environment safe.

That process starts with effective data management.

MISTRAS assists our clients across the process industries with inputting, maintaining, and reaping value out of smart and efficient data management processes.

A highly-functioning data management system allows your plant to optimize its processes, expanding insights to both increase production and cut costs. Storing, organizing, and analyzing data and mechanical integrity information about your equipment helps you improve your asset management and streamline decision-making.

This process starts at the very beginning of a plant’s existence, where MISTRAS helps our clients established data management infrastructure and processes. We also help clients with existing operations to modify and optimize their data management systems in accordance with industry-best practices.

Plant Condition Management Software (PCMS®)

MISTRAS’ Plant Condition Management Software (PCMS®) is an industry-leading inspection database management software (IDMS) that centralizes inspection and mechanical integrity (MI) data for refineries, process plants, and pipelines.

PCMS stores, organizes, and analyzes MI information from all of an organization’s facilities and equipment, and it links that information across any technology platform, as it offers full functionality on mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

PCMS offers site-level metrics where it stores and analyzes inspection and MI data for all assets within an individual facility. It’s also capable of performing enterprise-level data management, housing all of an organizations inspection data across multiple facilities and providing integrated metrics that tell your company’s data story.

MISTRAS’ PCMS data management capabilities encompass applications such as:

Inspection Planning and Execution Go Mobile with MISTRAS Digital

Developed for inspectors, by inspectors, MISTRAS Digital® is a mobile, cloud-based reporting platform that digitalizes the field inspection process. This powerful, end-to-end workflow solution helps boost productivity by streamlining time-consuming, inefficient work processes to help your inspection, maintenance, and reliability teams.

Offering complete visibility and transparency into the inspection process, MISTRAS Digital centralizes the results of all Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) operations into a single platform. This paper-free solution unlocks the power to:

  • Forecast schedules
  • Assign tasks
  • Initiate field work
  • Review results
  • Oversee third-party contractors
  • Generate real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

MISTRAS Digital effectively reveals hidden value in your inspection process, while also enabling enhanced safety measures, seamless implementation, operational synergies, and plant-wide efficiencies.

Click to learn more about MISTRAS Digital® and how it helps you Unlock Your Highest Potential.

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