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MISTRAS Corporate Analytics

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MISTRAS Corporate Analytics

PCMS Business Intelligence (BI) is an all-new, embedded, web-based analytical tool that is integrated within the PCMS product.

With PCMS BI, all of a corporation’s PCMS databases – from a single-site to an enterprise deployment – report back to an integrated dashboard, placing advanced, comprehensive, user-friendly data in the hands of a variety of users from unit inspectors to corporate executives. The program’s multi-platform design is compatible with any desktop, mobile, or tablet device, and each platform is equipped with full BI functionality.

Available through on-site or cloud deployment, the PCMS BI tool transforms all of your companies’ disparate raw data into interconnected, smart, interactive data illustrations. PCMS Business Intelligence centralizes inspection data management for downstream, upstream, and midstream clients. It offers rich visualizations of a bevy of analytic metrics, all of which are available at both site and corporate levels. Examples of available metrics and predictive analytics include:

  • Site and Corporate compliance reporting
  • Comparative analyses between facilities & sites
  • Plotting of metrics on integrated maps
  • Detailed corrosion analysis
  • Risk-based analysis and trending
  • Resource planning
  • General data snapshotting and trending analysis

PCMS Business Intelligence Capabilities

The PCMS BI tool is built to tell your data’s story. Your customizable dashboard – highlighting the metrics that you deem most important for your operations – shows metrics at a high level. Selecting a metric enables the user to drill deeper and deeper until the root cause of a potential issue is determined.

Users can easily cross-reference data across years or concurrently amongst facilities, and seeing all of your operations’ data right next to each other allows the opportunity to create connections that were previously overlooked. The tool’s automated and self-service data-storytelling capabilities allow operators to share discoveries and insights with their peers.

When implementing PCMS BI through the cloud, users are also able to determine their own company Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which a PCMS subject matter expert (SME) reviews and uses to develop additional metrics. In this implementation, PCMS experts also maintain the environment and the tool, provide automated data clean-up, and build the dashboard.

PCMS Business Intelligence Features

As the leading inspection data management software (IDMS) in the industrial world, PCMS' enterprise data management & analysis functionality helps our clients centralize their inspection data with a variety of key features:

  • Web-based product, with no installation of software necessary
  • Able to connect to multiple PCMS databases
  • Secure data communication methods
  • Users can customize alerts and data conditions to be flagged
  • User-defined sharing and access
  • Filter and scan for “issues” within each item, i.e. missing “T-Min” or “Overdue Component Inspection”
  • Prioritize and customize items & issues

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