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In-House Lab Inspection & Testing Services

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MISTRAS offers in-house lab inspection, testing, and machining services including non-destructive and destructive testing (NDT/DT), metallurgical, and chemical analysis testing for newly-fabricated and existing components, materials, and composites.

Our lab services use advanced techniques to thoroughly inspect components for manufacturing flaws before assembly. We work with clients in the aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, manufacturing, wind energy, and various other industries to ensure their materials and components are free from defects that were introduced in forging or manufacturing processes.

Our trained and certified lab technicians perform a wide variety of non-destructive (NDT), destructive (DT), and chemical analysis testing services. By testing individual components before assembly, we help ensure the safe and reliable operations of components and materials, which is especially essential in industries such as aerospace & defense where engine and composite failure can have catastrophic consequences.

Examples of some of the more common defects we inspect for include:

  • Lack of Fusion, Incomplete Penetration, Slag Inclusions, Porosity, Undercut, Cracks (Welded Components)
  • Shrinkage, Tears, Inclusions, Gas Pockets, Cracks (Castings)
  • Laminations, Surface Cracking, Corrosion (Raw Materials and Machined Parts)

All of our in-house lab testing conforms to regulatory codes, industry standards, and customer specifications. We operate our state-of-the-art labs around the globe, and maintain approvals from some of the largest manufacturers in the world, including Boeing, Airbus, Otto Fuchs, GE Aviation, Pratt & Whitney, and many more.

Component Inspection & Testing

MISTRAS uses NDT, DT, and mechanical testing to inspect newly-manufactured componentry in the aerospace, automotive, and other manufacturing industries.

Our lab services ensure that each component meets industry standards and regulations by screening for flaws and discontinuities that were introduced in the manufacturing process. Our component inspections and testing services apply to components of a variety of geometries, sizes, and materials.

Learn more about our component inspection & testing services.

Destructive Testing (DT)

Destructive Testing (DT) services allow sample materials to be tested in a controlled lab environment until the point of failure.

The components and materials were test typically experience extreme stress, pressure, and loads during normal operation. DT simulates these forces in order to observe material behavior and analyze a number of mechanical properties, including strength, flexibility, durability, elasticity, and a variety of others.

Learn more about our destructive testing services.

Materials Testing

MISTRAS’ materials testing services help our clients determine the most appropriate material for their end-use specifications, and ensure that materials will operate safely and effectively throughout their intended lifespans.

Learn more about our materials inspection & testing services.

Laboratory Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Non-destructive testing screens equipment and componentry for defects and discontinuities introduced in the manufacturing process without the need to completely disassemble or destroy a component.

We offer an extensive range of NDT services to assess material properties and screen for any flaws that could pose a risk of further damage or asset failure. NDT technology can be used to inspect assets across a variety of industries, with a wide range of materials, sizes, and configurations, ensuring that no equipment flaws are present when an asset is introduced to a facility.

Learn more about our laboratory NDT services.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA/QC) Services

Our QA experts help our clients define their manufacturing process quality programs, and ensure that manufacturing processes are performed uniformly and in compliance with regulatory and customer requirements.

Our QC inspection & testing programs help ensure that all newly-manufactured components comply with industry standards, regulatory codes, and customer requirements.

Learn more about our laboratory QA/QC services.

Finishing Services

MISTRAS' finishing services offer premium, anti-corrosion features specifically designed to keep structural integrity intact on metal components exposed to high-stress and extreme temperature environments.

Whether you need coating, etching, chemical cleaning, or anything else in-between, our finishing services offer a range of protective measures, strategically developed to keep metal components performing at the highest possible level. MISTRAS is certified by many prime manufacturers to provide finishing services according to strict quality standards.

Learn more about our finishing services.

Special Process Services

MISTRAS’ special process and verification testing services confirm the validity of the work performed on your components, to ensure it's in compliance with prime standards, or industry codes and regulations. By utilizing MISTRAS' special process services, the process itself is validated, so if you can’t verify the results, rest assured, the process has been.

Learn more about our special process services.

Pre-Machining Services

MISTRAS’ pre-machining services help to eliminate the need to send out parts during the inspection process and offer a range of useful sample preparation applications following the initial forging process.

Learn more about of pre-machining services.


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