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3D Metrology and 3D-Digitalization Services

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3D Metrology

3D Measurement Technology from MISTRAS enables you to measure components, parts, and systems with high precision on-site. Reverse engineering and the automation of measurement concepts are used to optimize productions.

MISTRAS offers Metrology services that measure various materials for a wide range of industries. Metrology analyzes the size of componentry and supports other facets of inspection, such as digitization production including 3D printing and additive manufacturing. MISTRAS works closely with customers to ensure that metrology is the ideal solution for their needs.

Metrology Services

MISTRAS' 3D measurement technology includes solutions for tactile and non-tactile measurement and 3D digitization of components, parts, and systems. With this technology, defects in components in the production process can be detected at an early stage. Existing prototypes are digitized to be able to carry out further optimization digitally or serial production e.g. to implement with additive production processes. Our technology also enables the initial setup of machines or their periodic testing. 

Our metrology services apply to all industries. They have special applications in the automotive and aviation industries but are also used in healthcare and other industries. We utilize geometry measurements with testing methods for general materials testing depending on project requirements.

Per DIN ISO EN 17025:2015, MISTRAS has DAkkS accreditation for mobile coordinate measuring technology along with calibration of laser trackers according to DIN ISO EN 17025:2018.

Industrial Measurement/Surveying

Industrial measurement and surveying performs precise and rapid measurements for products and machinery to meet the increasingly complex demands of industrial manufacturing processes. Efficiency, flexibility, and transparency are all present in our processes that meet national and international quality requirements. MISTRAS’ industrial measurement technology can be used in a wide variety of areas such as:

  • Aviation Components: Cabin Structures, Aircraft Doors, Wings & Rudders
  • Metal Construction: Vehicle Panels & Car Bodies
  • Mechanical Engineering: Machinery Components, Commissioning & Periodic Tests
  • Accompanying Examination for a Stable & Productive Process
  • Initial Sample Tests: Complex Geometries
  • Target/Actual Comparison with Construction Model in Real-Time
  • Creation & Automation of Test Plans and Measurement Concepts

Our 3D metrology team aid not only in quality inspection, but also in planning, production, and assembly. We utilize non-tactile laser scanners with an accuracy of 0.060 millimeters (mm) and tactile laser trackers with an accuracy of 0.025 mm.

As a great benefit for customers, our laser tracker systems are just as mobile as they are reliable. Testing not only occurs in our labs but at company sites. The ultra-mobile properties allow measurement to happen in poorly-accessible areas.

3D Digitization

3D Digitization is the act of creating a digital image of an object. Our technology enables us to measure small objects up to any size with great accuracy. Gentle and contactless processes allow even the most fragile objects, like archaeological goods, to be digitized. Fine cracks and surface changes are recorded for further analysis. 

Point Cloud Scanning

 MISTRAS uses point cloud scanning as a form of non-contact analysis. This allows comparisons between the actual and nominal state as well as a data basis for surface modeling.  

The point cloud is converted into a polygon model that uses geometrically-linked points that form a surface model. Once an object is digitally in the form of a polygon model, it can be reproduced through 3D-printing or reverse engineering.  

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering uses polygon model data and is processed into a fully-parameterized CAD model by mathematically describing individual parts of the surfaces. This model then allows further editing, design modifications, or other changes to be made. It can also serve as a template for future productions.

3D Printing

 MISTRAS can print three-dimensionally from CAD models that customers provide themselves or render them from our polygon models. We work closely with customers to plan 3D printing endeavors and determine if it’s the best solution for your needs.

Measurement Concepts

We are always at your side as an experienced partner in the creation of test plans and the resulting measurement concepts. With our knowledge and the help of your specifications, such as construction plans or specifications, we can create a targeted measurement plan according to your custom specifications.

To obtain comparable results for series measurements, reduce measurement times in production, and enable in-line measurement by trained employees, the implementation of measurement concepts in a measurement program is recommended. All measurement processes are mapped in a program sequence and automated on the software side. We gladly create measuring programs highly-customized to your individual requirements.

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