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Physical Testing & Chemical Analysis

Physical Testing & Chemical Analysis Lab Services

Ion Chromatography (IC)
Pipe Inspection
Mass Spectrometry (ICP)
Titration Analytics
Steel Components

Physical testing and chemical analysis services from MISTRAS give insight into material composition to determine performance. 

MISTRAS labs offer physical chemical analysis solutions to give insight into the composition and make-up of materials. Our solutions help to determine material the physical composition of substances on a macroscopic level, giving insight into how materials behave and react under particular factors and in intense environments.

Optimal Emission Spectrometry

Optical emission spectrometry (OES) applies a small spark to a material with an electrical discharge, causing a small amount to be vaporized. MISTRAS' lab testing experts are then able to study the elemental breakdown of the material to determine the quantitative composition of the metal.

Corrosion Test
Material Analysis
Paint and Coating Testing
Titration Analysis
Ion Chromatography

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