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Permanent, Onsite, Run-and-Maintain Asset Protection Teams

Rope Acesss in Oil Refinery
Storage Tank Inspection
Phase Array on Critical Piping At LCRA

As asset protection partners with our clients, MISTRAS stations evergreen multi-disciplined inspection, maintenance, and access teams on-site at our customers’ facilities to support run-and-maintain operations.

Corrosion, cracking, leaking, and other damages that our customers frequently have to battle can strike at any time. If these damages appear in between regularly-scheduled inspections, asset conditions at process plants and power generation facilities can rapidly deteriorate and create more serious problems before offsite inspection contractors are able to arrive.

To ensure the continued safety and optimal production of our customers’ assets and facilities, MISTRAS can permanently station asset protection teams at our customers’ facilities. As asset protection is an ongoing process, providing services on a regular, recurring basis to our customers is the heartbeat of our business model.

MISTRAS has evergreen, run-and-maintain services teams stationed onsite at many facilities, including:

  • Refineries
  • Fossil, Nuclear, and Combined Cycle Power Plants
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
  • Pulp & Paper and Other Process Facilities

Recurring Onsite Inspection Services

Our onsite inspection teams keep plant management informed of potential damages before they worsen. This helps to enhance safety, ensure regulatory compliance with API 510, 570, and 653 and other industry codes, and reduces downtime that can stem from an asset failing unexpectedly.

Certified MISTRAS inspectors remain stationed at our customers’ facilities both during operations stoppages such turnarounds and outages, and during normal operations. Our inspectors ensure that processes and equipment are operating according to a facility’s Asset Integrity Management Services (AIMS) and Mechanical integrity (MI) programs.

If any asset displays signs of degradation, our technicians are certified in and equipped with a wide range of traditional and advanced non-destructive testing (NDT/ANDT) inspection techniques to detect and locate the source of the issue, including:

Evergreen Teams Optimize Turnarounds

Evergreen services teams help our clients more effectively plan for and execute turnarounds, shutdowns, and outages, as they keep plant operators informed of any present damages. This enables operators to work with MISTRAS’ turnaround planning consultants to implement the most effective turnaround execution strategy.

One of the leading causes of turnarounds and outages running over-budget and past schedule is when new damages and flaws are discovered during the turnaround inspection process. By knowing what damages are present during the turnaround planning process, operators already know which the type and scope of maintenance activities that must be completed.

Rope Access

Many of MISTRAS’ evergreen technicians are also certified rope access technicians, enabling them to safely and cost-effectively complete inspection and maintenance on at-height assets.

Utilizing rope access eliminates the mobilization time and multiple contractors required to construct scaffolding. Rope access also reduces at-risk hours for personnel working at height, along with onsite equipment and personnel footprint.

OneSource Programs – On-Site Teams for Recurring Asset Protection

How complete are our evergreen services programs?

Many of our multi-disciplined technicians are also able to perform maintenance & light mechanical services to inspect the minor damages they repair.

In the case of corrosion under insulation (CUI) on a stretch of at-height piping, our single, small, multi-disciplined teams can:

  • access at-height piping by deploying industry-certified rope access technicians or safely constructing scaffolding
  • strip insulation
  • conduct inspections
  • perform corrosion mitigation and surface preparation services
  • re-insulate the piping.

With permanently-onsite technicians who complete inspections and maintenance on the ground and on ropes, MISTRAS provides our clients with personal asset protection experts.

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