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PCMS® Mobile

Digitalized Mobile Reporting for PCMS® AIMS System Data

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PCMS® Mobile is an active inspection data reporting solution that interconnects all field and database communications from technicians and operators, providing seamless access to important mechanical integrity (MI) data anytime, anywhere.

MISTRAS’ Plant Condition Management Software (PCMS®) has deployed PCMS Mobile, the first fully integrated all-in-one Asset Integrity Management Service (AIMS)/Mobile digitalized reporting solution that exclusively enables integrated reporting capabilities into the PCMS platform. This unique tool gives you access to critical mechanical integrity (MI) data anytime, anywhere, and at your convenience.

PCMS Mobile: On-the-Go Inspection Data Reporting

PCMS Mobile, powered by MISTRAS Digital®, is a fully-integrated, field mobile data reporting solution, that rapidly transfers data between PCMS and mobile devices. This platform leverages PCMS Dataflow API, to enable downloading events and Corrosion Monitoring Locations (CMLs), collecting field data on mobile devices (auto-synchronized with the PCMS configuration of checklists and picklists), and automatically uploading inspection results, field photos, and reports back into PCMS.

PCMS Mobile on Tbalet

Bluetooth connectivity is also available for select ultrasonic thickness gauges, which adds further efficiencies for field data collection. For added security, all data transmitted over PCMS Mobile is encrypted and wirelessly synced with the PCMS database.

Integrated Data-Sharing Across Platforms

PCMS Mobile interconnects all field and database communications, creating a flow of information to and from technicians and operators. As an inspection request is dispatched from PCMS, PCMS Mobile enables field inspectors and technicians to check-out/check-in activities based on the equipment’s location and the type of inspection or maintenance required.

PCMS Mobile on Tablet

PCMS Mobile also makes historical inspection data, reports, and Business Intelligence (BI)/KPIs more accessible in the field or office. Once an inspection is complete, field technicians can wirelessly send data and images to the PCMS platform for further analysis.

Summary of PCMS Mobile Features (V2.2)
Checklist, Picklists, Indications Sync with PCMS (API Integration)
Visual Inspection Mobile Data Collection
CML (UUT/RTT) Mobile Data Collection
Create Mew CMLs From Mobile and Sync with PCMS
Bluetooth UT Integration (Olympus 38DL+ and Danatronics ECHO 9)
Mobile Photo Capture , Mark-Up, Auto-Naming, Sync with PCMS
Reporting & BI
Cross-Platform, Device-Agnostic
Connectivity: Cellular or Wi-Fi or Offline
PSV Pop Test Mobile Data Collection
IWR Creation From Mobile
Hierarchical Auto-Attachment Sync with Events

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