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Digitalized Inspection Reporting for Offshore Platforms

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MISTRAS' Offshore Manager streamlines the upstream inspection process by serving as a digitalized workflow solution that helps enhance data reporting for mechanical, maintenance, and access personnel working on offshore platforms.

Many variables may impact your reporting, tracking, and scheduling processes when working on fabrication maintenance and mechanical construction projects in offshore marine environments. For these types of projects, traditional, paper-based administration and inspection data reporting tend to prevent offshore teams from being as productive as possible, especially in unpredictable and unforgiving upstream environments. As a result, time-consuming, manual project scheduling and tracking can slow down tasks, produce inaccurate information, heighten safety risks, and lead to costly mistakes.

Digitalized Data Collection & Mobile Information Access

MISTRAS' Offshore Manager, powered by MISTRAS Digital®, is a digital turnkey upstream solution designed to streamline capturing offshore fabrication maintenance and mechanical construction activities. This digitalized solution helps enhance offshore productivity by streamlining time-consuming, inefficient processes through an online, cloud-based workflow. This helps maintenance and construction teams make the most of their time by maximizing time on tools, instead of spending time and manpower on low-value manual data entry, while also providing clients with real-time updates on offshore activity.

OSM’s collection of mobile apps is designed to give teams access to tools and critical information even in remote offline offshore work environments. These mobile apps generate tangible efficiency gains through on-deck offline access to functionalities such as:

  • On-deck time logging
  • Access to digital copies of work documentation, eliminating the need to print and carry physical copies
  • Access to digital photographs of work locations
  • Easy square footage calculations for complicated infrastructures
  • Digital access to valuable resource files such as:
    • Manufacturer material technical instructions and spec sheets
    • Potentially lifesaving offshore safety/emergency procedures
    • Platform deck/block maps
  • On-deck digital Walkdown and Revision-B modules for work location evaluation and work resource planning.

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Digitalized Tracking, Scheduling, and Project Management

MISTRAS’ Offshore Manager delivers digitalized work scheduling, progress tracking, and project management tools. Utilizing a cloud-based platform provides both offshore and onshore personnel visibility into the planning and execution component of upstream maintenance and construction work, with functionalities including:

  • Employee certification tracking
  • Deployment scheduling
  • Work pack management
  • Daily work and execution scheduling
  • General time tracking
  • Automatic text message alerts

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Communications & Online Activity Tracking for Offshore Data Reporting

Offshore Manager keeps your maintenance and construction activities connected through digitalized, automated reporting and enables live visibility and instant communication between onshore and offshore teams. Additionally, Offshore Manager provides an anonymous messaging feature for employees to report sensitive information, and enables other efficiencies, including:

  • Increased productivity and reduced downtime
  • Elimination of deployment scheduling conflicts
  • Quick identification of individual job locations
  • Automated KPIs, downtime summary, and progress checks
  • Automatic text message alerts
  • Deck to Shore direct messaging, allowing teams to report work or safety-related issues or concerns directly to project leaders and decision-makers

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MISTRAS Digital® Offshore Manager: 100% Paperless Maintenance & Construction Reporting Platform

From offshore to onshore, MISTRAS’ digitalized solutions help our customers maximize the efficiency and value of their inspection reporting.

Engineered for offshore workers, by offshore workers, MISTRAS Digital® Offshore Manager is a mobile, cloud-based execution, and reporting platform that digitalizes the offshore maintenance and construction process. This powerful, end-to-end workflow solution enhances your team’s performance – for everyday responsibilities up to plant-wide inspection oversight – with support for workers, technicians, and engineers to reliably maintain offshore platform assets.

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