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Digital Turnaround Execution

Digital Turnaround Planning and Inspection Execution

Digital Turnaround Execution Data on Mobile
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MISTRAS’ experienced personnel deliver digitalized planning, inspection, and execution processes, enabling time and cost efficiencies across your turnaround execution and management projects.

Traditional, paper-based project planning can be one of the biggest roadblocks for refinery turnarounds (TAR). With many moving parts, schedules, and individual tasks to consider, inspection teams that rely on paper-based turnaround wall charts to track milestones and action items are highly susceptible to missed assignments, lapsed deadlines, and other issues that may slow the job down, leading to costly extended plant downtime.

To help make turnaround execution as efficient as possible, MISTRAS digitalizes the inspection planning and execution process while offering transparent visibility into project status and key performance indicators (KPIs) for plant personnel. With MISTRAS’ digitalized process, your turnarounds can be completed safely, efficiently, and on time.

Digitalized Turnaround Execution for Improved Visibility

By contracting MISTRAS, facilities can improve their turnaround effectiveness by adopting a digitalized plan that helps to make their project more cost and time-efficient.

Document Management

Compared to paper-based wallcharts, MISTRAS’ digitalized process takes document management up a step by offering easier access to key information, including equipment type, location, unit, drawings, photos, and other reference documentation.

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Equipment Status Updates

In addition to effective document management, our cloud-based workflows enable field personnel to digitally complete equipment activities, with automatic tracking of who completed what and when so that less time is spent worrying about the current status of equipment and more time is spent on the tools.

Digital Turnaround Execution

Refinery Turnaround Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

For added visibility into turnaround progress, plant inspection and maintenance management have access to a KPI snapshot where they can view status updates of completed and upcoming equipment activities, which is especially valuable during shift turnover meetings.

Digital Turnaround Execution

Digitalized Turnaround Workflow and Streamlined Operations

Take a look at some of the advantages digitalized turnaround execution has over traditional, paper wall charts.

TAR Execution Comparison Digitalized TAR Execution Traditional TAR Execution
Digitalized Activity Completion X N/A
Seamless Communication X N/A
More Informed Decision-Making X N/A
Integrated Overview X N/A
Real-Time Progress Tracking X N/A
Improved Efficiency X N/A

When it’s time to contract a service provider who will deliver a streamlined solution for your TAR planning and execution needs, MISTRAS is your choice. Turnarounds are some of the most critical times for a refinery or process plant, so planning and execution take on added importance. MISTRAS’ digitalized turnaround execution capabilities help visualize your TAR workflow and your inspection and test plan (ITP), with solutions including:

  • Quick status updates with badge-in for equipment activity completion
  • KPI automation
  • TAR scope, ITP, and asset data upload capabilities
  • Attach option for reference documents and drawings

MISTRAS Digital: Digital Inspection Reporting Platform

Digitalizing your turnaround is a key step in ensuring more efficient planning and overall budget execution. However, this efficiency can go much further by digitalizing your day-to-day inspection process and reporting, even outside of turnarounds.

Developed for inspectors, by inspectors, MISTRAS Digital® is a mobile, cloud-based field inspection, execution, and reporting platform that digitalizes the field inspection process. This powerful, end-to-end workflow solution enhances your team’s performance – for everyday responsibilities up to plant-wide inspection oversight – with support for technicians and engineers for inspection, maintenance, reliability, and plant management.

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