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Infrastructure Inspection, Maintenance, and Monitoring Solutions

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MISTRAS offers inspection, maintenance, monitoring, and access solutions to ensure essential infrastructure assets are free from structural damage.

As the world’s bridges, buildings, and other structures age, it becomes increasingly essential to implement proactive and preventative structural health monitoring (SHM) and inspection programs in order to maintain their safe, daily operation.

MISTRAS’ asset protection services and equipment ensure both the structural and operational integrity of your assets, while also assuring the safety of facility personnel and the general public.

MISTRAS’ infrastructure solutions include inspection, maintenance, monitoring, and access solutions for:

Infrastructure Inspection Services

With extensive NDT capabilities, MISTRAS can select the technique best suited for your asset. Experts will inspect for flaws, repair defects, and implement monitoring and maintenance to mitigate the buildup of future damage, which helps your assets avoid the risk of a costly and hazardous failure.

Starting from the initial design and construction and continuing throughout the life of the structure, these technologies can detect and assist in the repair of cracking and corrosion before any real damage occurs, avoiding a bridge or roadway closure or a potential catastrophic failure.

Our asset protection solutions for infrastructure assets target:

  • Corrosion
  • Fatigue
  • Cables
  • Concrete
  • Bearings
  • Composites
  • Tendons
  • Security
  • Load Limits

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

MISTRAS is among the most experienced structural health monitoring (SHM) companies in the world, with decades of experience serving public and civil infrastructure needs, including many of the world’s landmarks and iconic structures.

Our expertise is inspection and long-term monitoring of a variety of bridge types, but our systems are also used to monitor dams, roads, and railways.

MISTRAS Group services some of the most iconic bridges in the world, combining inspections, sensor fusion, and wireless, 24/7 online monitoring systems to observe the real-time condition of suspension cables, cable stays, and other critical structural components in bridges and other civil structures.

Our industry experts design, develop, and manufacture the leading products and systems to reliably and accurately monitor your infrastructure asset’s integrity.

We serve as world leaders in developing and utilizing acoustic emission (AE) technology, the most effective method available for SHM applications. Our technological innovation and infrastructure expertise make us the asset protection provider of choice for universities, Departments of Transportation, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) facilities worldwide.

Infrastructure Access Solutions

While hard-to-reach or hazardous locations might limit traditional inspection and services, MISTRAS’ access solutions ensure no defects or damage go unnoticed.

MISTRAS offers rope access technicians, professional aerial and subsea drone pilots, and trained divers to access, inspect, and repair assets in at-height and subsea locations.

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