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Construction/Commercial Buildings

Construction & Commercial Building Inspection & Maintenance Services

Ground Penetrating Radar Concrete Scanning
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MISTRAS Group offers inspection, maintenance, and monitoring solutions, paired with advanced access capabilities, for construction projects and commercial buildings.

Equipment and asset failures in construction zones and within buildings create a huge risk for facility personnel and the general public, making effective inspection and maintenance critical steps.

MISTRAS has a wide array of non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection and maintenance solutions to ensure that all the components of your construction projects and commercial buildings avoid catastrophic damages and remain in functional operating condition.

Paired with rope access, drone, and scaffolding capabilities, MISTRAS can inspect and repair every part of a building or construction zone, even extremely high structures and other hard-to-reach locations.

Commercial Buildings and Construction Project Inspection Services

With a wide variety of NDT capabilities, MISTRAS can handle any construction project inspection or commercial building service requirements. Ensuring the structural integrity of buildings and efficient asset operation of the equipment in your facility is essential in ensuring safety and mitigating the risk of damage.

NDT can see behind the surface of structures to identify defects that traditional visual inspection might miss. Especially when structures and equipment are exposed to rain and other weather conditions, flaws such as corrosion, leaking, and other structural integrity concerns can jeopardize a facility.

MISTRAS inspection solutions help detect damage from weather, use, fatigue, and other factors in its early phases, enabling repair and maintenance to happen before damages worsen.

Some of our commercial building inspection solutions include:

  • Building Envelope Inspection
  • Complete Heat Exchanger Inspection & Repair Services
  • Foundation Analysis
  • Plumbing and Piping Assessment
  • Roof Condition Assessment

Concrete Inspection Services

Concrete is one of the most widely-used construction materials for a wide variety of structural and architectural elements. But concrete can suffer from several forms of in-service deterioration, including freeze-thaw damage and corrosion-induced delaminations and spalling. Construction-related factors, including low cover, honeycombing, and voids, can also cause structural integrity issues.

MISTRAS conducts concrete inspections to detect, locate, and assess these structural issues, using thermographic cameras, ultrasonic testing tools, and ground penetrating radar (GPR) inspection techniques.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Inspection Services

GPR uses radar technology to locate buried obstructions in concrete, soil and other substrates. It is also utilized extensively during construction projects in advance of setting large cranes.

GPR is often used to replace radiographic inspection (RT) for determining post tension cables, rebar, and conduit in concrete structures that need to be located prior to coring, boring or drilling. GPR can also be used to inspect walls, floors, bridge decks, tunnels, balconies, parking garages, and more.

Commercial Building and Construction Project Maintenance Services

MISTRAS serves as industry leaders in providing maintenance services for at-height commercial building components through the use of rope access.

Maintaining a building’s appearance is important not just for structural integrity concerns, but also for aesthetic reasons, as we help remove grime, grit, and corrosion that builds up on building façades.

Our maintenance teams can also help extend the expected lifetime of your building, by installing one of MISTRAS’ monitoring systems that alerts you to any structural integrity concerns before they worsen.

Commercial Buildings Cleaning, Coating, and Repair Services

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