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We specialize in the installation and maintenance of thermal protection solutions for hot and cold high-performing assets, using metal jacketing and blanket fastening techniques.

Our insulation services help operators access flanges and other operating components without compromising an asset's thermal or radiant temperature, along with reducing emissions, noise levels, and operating inefficiencies.

MISTRAS’ multi-disciplined technicians can remove insulation, inspect piping, prepare and coat surfaces, and re-install insulation. Our teams of world-class rope access technicians also perform all of these solutions on at-height assets, keeping downtime, workplace congestion, and lost profits to a minimum.

Tank, Vessel, Sphere, and Piping Insulation Services

Hot- and cold-performing assets require insulation to reduce heat loss, prevent freezing, control noise, and reduce condensation, among other benefits.

MISTRAS’ performs insulation installation and maintenance services to ensure your assets are protected, extending asset lifetimes and increasing productivity.

Tanks, vessels, spheres, and piping are hugely-important assets in refineries, power plants, manufacturing plants, and other facilities, but they can also be sources of lost productivity and increased costs if not properly-protected. Thermal insulation doesn’t just protect these assets from potentially harsh or corrosive environmental factors like cold weather, snow, or rain – it also enables them to operate at peak efficiency by conserving energy, retaining heat loss, and reducing condensation.

Insulation also enables our clients to reduce burn risks to personnel who come into contact with high-temperature assets, and to stay in regulatory compliance, as insulation reduces the release of gases.

MISTRAS offers multiple insulation options:

Insulation with Metal Jacketing

Insulation with metal jacketing is an insulation solution that offers added damage protection, corrosion prevention, heat retention capabilities, and other protective benefits.

  • Calcium Silicate
  • Perlite
  • Mineral Wool
  • Foamglass
  • Trymer
Insulation Blanketing

Insulation blanketing is a form of insulation comprised of compressible fibers in roll form to serve as a more flexible, customizable insulator.

  • Ceramic Fiber
  • Silicone Cloth
  • S/S Mesh, Anchors, and Washers
  • Tie Wire and Hog Ring Staples


Cladding is layering one material over another – often composite materials or metal – to create a protective layer, offering thermal insulation, weather resistance, and aesthetic appeal.

Another form of insulation, cladding is primarily used as a corrosion-prevention technique in refinery, manufacturing, and power generation piping and pressure vessels. When installing cladding, MISTRAS is equipped to perform spot welding to join the pieces together. This minimizes the likelihood of gaps in the weld overlay, through which water or other corrosive materials could come into contact with the asset.

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