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Pipefitting & Welding Maintenance Services

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MISTRAS’ pipefitting services offer highly-skilled and professionally-certified specialists for flange torqueing, welding, bolt tensioning, vessel head makeup and removal services, and more.

Supported by fully-compliant process safety management (PSM) techniques and industry compliance standards, MISTRAS ensures optimal function and efficiency during repairs and installation periods to reduce equipment failures, secondary damages, and downtime.

Welding Services

Our mechanical technicians perform welding services in support of metal fabrication and repairs. MISTRAS' mechanical technicians use a variety of welding techniques, including to join together different segments of piping in the construction of a larger piping system, operating on aluminum, stainless, steel, titanium, magnesium, copper, bronze, and brass materials.

MISTRAS offers code-certified welders for multiple assets, including power stations, pipelines, vessels, and boilers, and other industrial structures. Whether it’s just a visual weld inspection or the repair of a huge tank wall that’s worn through, we’re here to offer efficient, top-notch welding service, including in hard-to-reach locations.

  • Manual metal arc welding
  • Pipeline, gas, and fuel line welding
  • Fitting custom steel and aluminum work
  • Cutting and heating metals
  • Grinding, finishing, and lagging

Torqueing and Tensioning Services

A torque provides clamping force from a specialized torque wrench to turn nuts and stretch bolts when fastening one piece of piping componentry to another. Tension produces strain from applying direct stress on a fastener, pulling the bolt load into the fastener with a nut turned down to hold it in place.

MISTRAS has developed a simple, safe, and effective solution to install and replace 4-bolt pattern flanges on upstream oil and gas piping assets.

MISTRAS’ Flange Cuff offers the ability to sustain high pressure, divert stress, and eliminate hazards during the replacement, installation, and maintenance of flange equipment.

The Flange Cuff also allows technicians to torque, tension, and repair flange equipment in full compliance with industry and regulatory agencies. By stabilizing bolted sections of in-service piping, the Flange Cuff safely accommodates "hot bolt" tensioning methods, minimizing potential risk to human and piping assets, while promoting a prompt return of flange equipment to service.

Learn more about our inspection and maintenance solutions for flanges here.

Blinding/Isolation Services

Blinding is the practice of using a metal plate inserted between flanges or at the end of a flanged pipe to completely seal off the pipe, vessel, duct, or other piece of refinery equipment. Isolation is the practice of sealing off a specified section of piping

MISTRAS performs blinding and isolation services on piping and pressure equipment prior to conducting inspection and maintenance activities. By isolating piping and allowing equipment to remain pressurized while servicing select portions of the assets, MISTRAS enables plant operations to remain and productive.

After work is completed, MISTRAS de-blinds and de-isolates equipment.

Valve Identification and Replacement Services

Technicians will document the location of valves and the presence of safety hazards in order to perform repair/replacement if damage is found. This information is stored to be recalled by future maintenance personnel.

Loose, leaking, and corroded valves are responsible for huge amounts of losses to operating plants. When it comes time to inspect and maintain these assets, technicians and maintenance personnel need to be able to identify the type of valve they’re working with.

MISTRAS will identify valves, inspect them to ensure mechanical integrity, and replace damaged valves.

Additional Pipefitting Services

  • Spools
  • Bolt-Up
  • Flange Mapping
  • Steam Tracing Repair and Replacement
  • Vessel Head Makeup and Removal

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