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Mechanical Services Electrical Maintenance

MISTRAS offers a comprehensive array of electrical system repair, maintenance, and installation services to ensure that your facility’s electrical infrastructure is operating safely, efficiently, and without the risk of outage.

Electrical system for facilities in the oil & gas, power, and infrastructure industries bear the responsibility of supplying electricity for critical facility assets, including breakers, transformers, motors for operating pumps, process heaters, and control equipment. Many of the materials present in these plant environments are flammable and potentially explosive, and electrical energy can cause fires within a facility. Just a small spark from an electrical fault can have catastrophic effects, risking the safety of your facility, your personnel, and the surrounding environment.  Having an electrical system that runs safely and efficiently is essential in helping your facility optimize production, run economically, and conserve resources.

Some of our advanced electrical services include:
  • Lighting system installation, repair, and maintenance
  • EHT Splicing, shielding, and terminations
  • Cable pull and cable tray repair, installation, and maintenance
  • Electrical Raceway assessment and repair
  • Instrumentation services
  • Ballast & bulb replacement
  • Monitoring solutions for high-mast light towers
Some of the electrical system assets that MISTRAS performs maintenance on include:
  • Cables
  • Transformers
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Relays
  • Motors
  • Generators
  • Bulbs

In addition to the extreme hazards, electrical system faults slow overall production, leading to potential shutdowns that are both hazardous and costly for your facility and personnel. Our inspection and maintenance services use a variety of advanced techniques to detect and service faults in order to help your plant mitigate waste and prevent failure.

Electrical System Access Services

Electrical reliability is essential to your facility’s success, but these assets are often in difficult-to-access locations. But defects that go undetected from a lack of inspection or proper repair create a huge risk for your facility, and can cause a costly and unexpected outage or accident.

Whether you need to change a fixture or neon bulb a few stories off the ground or install/maintain an industrial heat tracing system, our rope access teams have you covered.

MISTRAS technicians are trained and certified to perform electrical system maintenance on a variety of refinery, power generation, and manufacturing electrical equipment in hard-to-reach locations, by using rope access technicians. Rather than needing to hire one company to identify defects and another to perform repairs, MISTRAS offers solutions for every element of your electrical system needs, reducing downtime and on-site personnel.

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