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Renewable Fuels

Maximize Uptime and Safety with MISTRAS' Biofuel Asset Inspection, Engineering, and Data Services

MISTRAS Group is an asset protection industry leader, with the expertise, expansive solution portfolio, innovative technologies, and data-driven insights to help renewable fuel biorefineries maximize safety, operational performance, and compliance.

Detect Corrosion, Leaking, Cracking, and Other Asset Damages

Field Inspections - Art Crawler

MISTRAS is a world leader in non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection services, serving as a trusted partner for our clients to help them detect and mitigate asset damages with an expansive NDT portfolio.

Expert Mechanical Integrity and Asset Reliability Support

Refinery Pipelines and Storage Tank

MISTRAS' engineering and mechanical integrity consultations help to streamline facility design, enhance safety, improve profits, and optimize our clients' operational productivity.

Make Informed, Data-Driven Integrity Decisions


MISTRAS’ proprietary data analytics solutions provide customers with insightful, data-driven recommendations for informed integrity decisions, in addition to streamlining critical integrity data management.

24/7/365 Monitoring To Stay Ahead of Damages

Refinery Piping

MISTRAS’ 24/7/365 condition-monitoring systems and services for high-temperature, hazardous, and hard-to-reach assets enable our renewable fuel customers to stay informed of corrosion, cracking, leaks, and more before they worsen.

Access At-Height Assets for Inspection & Maintenance


MISTRAS’ access solutions make inspection, maintenance, and protection possible for at-height, confined, and subsea assets.

Proceduralized Asset Protection Programs

Special Emphasis

MISTRAS’ special emphasis programs use our asset protection expertise to target the uncommon, hazardous, and costly damages that risk the integrity of your assets and facility.

NDT Equipment for Spot Inspections and Online Monitoring

VPAC II Application

MISTRAS Group is a leading designer and manufacturer of non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment for industrial asset protection, including solutions for spot inspections and long-term, unattended monitoring applications.

MISTRAS brings extensive experience to the renewable fuels sector, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to support and maintain asset integrity. Working with MISTRAS enables access to innovative asset protection technologies and deep industry expertise. This helps customers realize reduced downtime, costs savings, and improved efficiency throughout their plant’s operations. Our specialized service portfolio effectively helps to ensure the integrity of ethanol plants and biorefineries.

Keep Personnel Safe with Enhanced Safety Measures
  • Locate asset defect areas for improved safety and streamlined output
  • Get ahead of equipment failures and reduce safety risks
Gain Valuable, Data-Driven Integrity Insights
  • Informed decision-making through actionable insights
  • Maximize asset performance and lifetimes with smart integrity data
Rope Access Technician - Biofuel Refinery
Maximize Uptime and Operational Efficiencies
  • Reduce downtime and maintenance costs with MISTRAS' OneSource approach
  • Proactively manage integrity, safety, and compliance concerns
Keep Your Assets in Compliance and Maintain Reliability
  • Achieve regulatory and insurance compliance
  • Improve asset lifespans and enhance reliability

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