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Data Management

Asset Protection Software Ecosystem

The App Gallery displays all available applications and data services

OneSuite App Gallery Screen

OneSuite™ personalizes solutions for your asset integrity needs

OneSuite Start Page Screen

OneSuite™ – The First-Ever Asset Protection Software Ecosystem

OneSuite™ personalizes solutions for your asset integrity needs

OneSuite Start Page Screen

The App Gallery displays all available applications and data services

OneSuite App Gallery Screen

Developed by MISTRAS Group, OneSuite™ is a new asset protection software ecosystem that integrates all MISTRAS software applications to empower users to see your data in a new dimension.

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MISTRAS OneSuite™ is a new digitally-connected experience of insights-based software and data service offerings. 

OneSuite™ seeks to make integrity data as insight-driven, user-friendly, accessible, and actionable as possible. The platform offers functions of MISTRAS’ popular software and services brands as apps through the OneSuite™ App Gallery, a marketplace for users to view and utilize apps within the OneSuite™ platform.

The brand-new OneSuite™ platform will ultimately serve as the single access portal for all MISTRAS data activities for customers in the oil & gas, aerospace & defense, power, manufacturing, and infrastructure industries, enabling them to access data and receive value-added services through the integration of numerous MISTRAS apps.

Through OneSuite™, users can:

  • Manage asset integrity data in a single platform
  • Access apps specific to their asset integrity needs
  • Receive real-time, dynamically-updated information
  • Learn about new MISTRAS offerings relevant to their interests
  • Trend data to track progress on key compliance initiatives
  • See data from multiple perspectives
OneSuite™ Asset Integrity Software Applications

In addition to serving as a launchpad to enterprise applications such as PCMS®, MISTRAS Digital®, and New Century Software, individual apps for data acquisition, asset management, and data analytics are now available. This includes apps for:

  • Fixed Equipment & Pipeline Management
  • Inspection Report Management
  • Corrosion Analysis
  • Online Monitoring Data Management
  • Engineering Minimum Thickness (Tmin) Calculations
  • Business Intelligence Analytics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboards

Other apps that combine technology and automation with personalized subject matter expertise to support MISTRAS’ data services will be available, including apps for:

  • Risk-Based Inspection (RBI)
  • Condition Monitoring Location (CML) Optimization
  • Engineering Fitness for Service (FFS)
  • Pipeline Spatial Risk and Spill Impact Analysis
  • Pipeline ILI Centerline Alignment
Intelligent Asset Integrity Through Integrated, Responsive Data Applications

OneSuite™ utilizes cloud-based data storage to share information across applications, allowing apps to live in a communicative ecosystem.

Utilizing a Relational Database Management System allows for extremely sophisticated data processing and analysis capabilities. As new data is identified by the platform in one of a user's applications, it can simultaneously update the data in your other apps, similar to the way apps update across all of your mobile devices when data changes. For example, if a monitoring system app detects a change in pipeline corrosion thickness, your data can instantaneously update in your pipeline risk assessment app.

This interconnectivity provides an unprecedented level of asset integrity visibility and intelligence, enabling users to see all sides of their data simultaneously. 

User-Friendly Interface and Personalized Experiences

The new OneSuite™ platform offers apps through subscriptions or usage-based plans, or as one-time solutions, empowering users to use the functions you need, whenever and to any capacity you need them. Applications that were previously available only as part of larger, enterprise software applications will now be accessible as individual offerings without large upfront commitments through the OneSuite™ App Gallery.

Through the OneSuite™ App Gallery, users will have access to the complete range of data service offerings from MISTRAS, brands, and subsidiaries. Users who specialize in a particular industry or job function can also receive personalized suggestions about other apps that can help them achieve their goals.

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