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Diving & Subsea Inspection, Maintenance, and Engineering Services

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MISTRAS’ Diving Services provide industry-leading inspection and maintenance solutions for assets in marine and subsea environments, including bridges, harbors, dams & reservoirs, offshore platforms, underwater pipelines, and highly-contaminated areas such as nuclear fuel tanks.

Many assets in the civil infrastructure, oil & gas, and power generation industries are fully- or partially-submerged in water, which creates a potentially-corrosive environment that can affect the structural and mechanical integrity of critical assets. Our diving services help clients stay aware of and repair their assets’ conditions in subsea environments.

Our diving teams are trained and experienced in providing asset protection services to support subsea inspection, construction, repair, and engineering services projects. We also make use of robotic technology called remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs) to perform imaging and non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections on hard-to-reach or hazardous subaquatic locations.

MISTRAS keeps safety a priority while conducting underwater services with added efficiency and reduced cost. Combining advanced technology with diverse technical skillsets, we are a complete resource for subsea asset protection, providing:

  • Inspection Services
  • Construction & Maintenance Services
  • Engineering & Environmental Services
  • Drinkable Water & Hazardous Site Intervention

Subsea Inspection Services

MISTRAS’ trained divers utilize advanced non-destructive examination (NDE) equipment and imaging technology for subsea assets. Our diving teams are tailored to the needs of your assets, accommodating specific environments, project requirement, and asset types.

Some subsea NDE inspection techniques and services that our diving inspectors offer include:

Where possible, MISTRAS also deploys subsea ROVs as a tool to avoid or minimize manned entry into potentially-hazardous underwater environments.

Our ROVs are configured for conducting various robotic NDT inspections of maritime areas, sub-sea canals, dams, bridges, sunken structures, and piping/pipelines. They can be equipped with a variety of NDT sensors, sonar, lighting, and high-resolution imaging and video cameras.

Subsea Construction & Repair Services

Offered as parts of an integrated inspection plan or as individual services, MISTRAS’ divers can support underwater construction projects and/or repair damaged subsea assets to ensure structural integrity.

Marine Environmental Engineering Surveys & Services

MISTRAS' environmental impact assessments ensure that construction practices uphold environmentally-friendly habits, and that all proposals are consistent with good environmental management procedures.

Our marine surveys include assessing and monitoring any assets and equipment that will be used in marine environments to ensure that they are in good operating condition and are fit for safe usage in marine environments.

We also offer species monitoring programs, which estimate population sizes and trends of various animal and plant species that are present within the environment to ensure safety.

Drinkable Water & Hazardous Site Intervention Services

Working in nuclear environments and other areas with contaminated waters (such as waste-water plants) requires carefully-trained technicians. MISTRAS divers have experience in project planning, equipment selection, wall lining installation, and inspection in these hazardous areas.

We also perform services in drinkable water sources. Our technicians follow specified procedures to ensure proper intervention with no threat of contamination by utilizing dedicated equipment to work in watersheds.

Common Subsea Inspection & Maintenance Services Applications

Bridge Surveys and Inspections
  • We offer maintenance and inspection solutions of structural and mechanical bridge components, available for all bridge types. These include undermining surveys, NDT inspections, and mechanical repairs at or below a bridge’s water line.
Harbor NDT and Material Deterioration
  • With a combination of destructive testing (DT) and nondestructive testing (NDT) methodologies, trained technicians can examine harbor-based structures to determine material deterioration rates.
Dams & Reservoir Inspection and Repair
  • Utilizing NDT inspection methodologies, our diving services extend to monitoring, repairing, and inspecting the civil engineering and mechanical components associated with dam and reservoir equipment.
Offshore Platform Corrosion Mitigation
  • Salty seawater and environmental factors can lead to serious corrosion and structural integrity concerns for offshore rigs, so MISTRAS’ divers perform subsea corrosion mitigation and prevention, inspection, and monitoring services for sub-surface platform supports.
Subsea Vessel Surveys
  • MISTRAS divers provide accredited in-water surveys to inspect marine vessel componentry such as propulsion and direction components, hulls, sea chests, and more.

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