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Ultrasonic (UT) Equipment

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Inspection & Monitoring Equipment

MISTRAS Ultrasonic Boards
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MISTRAS Tablet UT Application
Pocket UT With Elbow Application

MISTRAS' ultrasonic testing (UT) equipment offers solutions for inspection and condition-monitoring of industrial assets, helping our clients stay informed of their asset’s conditions at all times.

MISTRAS Group offers a full line of Ultrasonic (UT) products and inspection systems designed to fit the needs of any testing market. From immersion systems and large-scale gantries, to single or multichannel systems, UT boards and software, to system scanners and accessories, MISTRAS' UT equipment fuses the necessary engineering, design, and production capabilities to create a dynamic product line.

MISTRAS offers both traditional UT inspection equipment, along with automated scanners that use robotic technology to enhance inspection speed, accuracy, and precision.

Our extensive offerings of UT inspection and monitoring solutions include:

  • Compact UT Systems
  • Large Custom UT Scanners
  • Long-Term, Online Monitoring Systems
  • UT Data Acquisition Software
  • Packaged UT Systems
  • Handheld, Portable UT Scanners
  • UT Transducers
  • Robotic UT Scanners
  • Boards
  • Accessories

MISTRAS offers pulse-echo, through-transmission, normal/angle beam, contact, and non-contact UT equipment.

Ultrasonic Inspection Technology Applications

Ultrasonic testing (UT) uses high-frequency ultrasonic waves to propagate mechanical vibrations through a material to determine the structural integrity to measure material properties, and property changes.

It is a popular NDT method thanks to its flexibility and applications in both the field and in the lab. Not only can UT identify the presence of a discontinuity, but it can also provide descriptive information such as its size, shape, and orientation, so repairs can be targeted and efficient.

UT is widely used to inspect industrial assets to:

  • Detect flaws, such as cracks, inclusions, porosity, and delamination
  • Gauge the severity of corrosion/erosion
  • Measure wall thickness
  • Assess bond integrity
  • Estimate grain size and void content

UT technology can effectively identify both surface and subsurface discontinuities in a range of materials, including metals, plastics, composites, and ceramics. Given its reliance on ultrasonic waves, UT does not require assets to be disassembled or cut into samples in order for inspection to be completed. Inspection is safe quick, and efficient, limiting downtime for your facility by promoting real-time defect detection.

UT Equipment Design & Manufacturing

MISTRAS designs and manufactures all major components of our UT solutions in-house. Therefore, we maintain total control over product specifications, pricing, system performance, quality, and customer satisfaction. It also allows us to offer certain custom, made-to-order systems.

We have worked hand-in-hand with our customers and leading industry organizations for decades to develop customized ultrasonic solutions to solve their most difficult asset protection problems.

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