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Power Transformer Monitoring

Power Transformer Health Status & Reliability Monitoring

Transformer With Sensors Mounted

Transformer Clinic™ by MISTRAS® represents an industry benchmark for determining the fitness and health status of your power transformers.

MISTRAS’ power transformer monitoring solutions provide operators with a complete and accurate condition analysis and health assessment of their power transformers.

By merging decades of substation reliability and transformer monitoring experience, along with a comprehensive suite of online/offline, onsite and laboratory diagnostic screening services, Transformer Clinic helps your transformers Keep Powering On™.

Transformer Clinic’s™ comprehensive inspection, testing, and monitoring solution is offered as a four-step transformer reliability assessment program: SAMPLE, SCREEN, OBSERVE, and MONITOR.

Onsite and Laboratory Testing

In Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) tests, MISTRAS analyzes the insulating oil within a transformer, which creates gas as it breaks down. Studying gas distribution and rate of generation yields information about the presence, type, location, and severity of faults within the transformer.

Determining the source(s) of your power transformer's underperformance begins with Transformer Clinic's™ SAMPLE testing programs.

Technicians use onsite and lab insulating oil tests such as Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) and Oil Quality Tests to gather a preliminary analysis of transformer conditions.

Transformer Spot Inspection Services

If tests in the SAMPLE stage indicate areas that must be further investigated, MISTRAS inspectors employ our advanced NDT capabilities to SCREEN transformers for an advanced level of fault detection and location capabilities.

Our on-site inspectors utilize vibration analysis (VA), infrared imaging (IR), and high-frequency current transformer testing (HECT) to identify and characterize:

  • Loose Connections
  • Arcing
  • Partial Discharge
  • Core Clamping Problems
  • Unintentional Core Grounds
  • Circulating Currents
  • Blocked Radiators
  • Localized Overheating
  • Mechanical Defects
  • High-Temperature Faults

Transformer Overnight Baseline Testing

While SCREENing identifies issues that are present at the time of inspection, symptoms may come and go. Transformer Clinic's™ OBSERVE overnight baseline testing services place your transformers in the care of our certified specialists for a 24-hour observation period that captures fault activities as they occur.

In this page, MISTRAS specialists review all compiled inspection data and issue a summary of their findings to transformer operators, in addition to a comprehensive condition-ranking summary that provides a clear overview of the transformer’s condition and outlines recommended courses of action.

Transformer Acoustic and Vibration Monitoring

Finally, MISTRAS offers power transformer MONITORing solutions, because early detection of potential faults is paramount. With 24/7 continuous health monitoring using MISTRAS’ industry-proven acoustic emission (AE) technology, MISTRAS enables transformer operators to track one, a few, or an entire fleet of power transformers.

MISTRAS’ transformer monitoring solutions offer a robust and easy-to-use web-based monitoring application that generates real-time health and condition based summaries designed to help improve your transformer's in-market availability.

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