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Boiler Tube Leak Monitoring

Online Monitoring for Early Tube Leak Detection

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Tube leaks in combined cycle & fossil plants, paper mills, and more facilities are costly, hazardous, and can lead to unplanned outages and more significant damages if undetected.

Early boiler tube leak detection allows you to mitigate these risks and stay on top of your asset’s condition, enabling you to make more informed maintenance decisions. MISTRAS offers tube leak monitoring services to identify and locate tube leaks in your power plant assets, including:

  • Conventional Power Boilers
  • Recovery Boilers
  • Package Boilers
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs)
  • Feedwater Heaters

Leaks in these assets can lead to extensive damage in both your equipment and facility, especially if they go undetected for long periods of time. Some of the damages that undetected tube leaks can risk include:

  • Hydrogen Embrittlement Tube Failure
  • Hydrogen Damage
  • Tube Cracks
  • Damage to Neighboring Tubes
  • Complete Asset Failure

Our data services are a holistic approach that not only detect early tube leaks, but help to ensure that critical data is properly saved, transported, and stored.

Tube Leak Acoustic Emission (AE) Monitoring

MISTRAS utilizes Acoustic Emission (AE) technology, which uses sound waves to listen for leaks in your equipment. By mounting non-invasive sensors on the asset, MISTRAS listens for changes in normal background noise which can indicate tube leaks or other undesirable operating conditions. By using this method, operators can detect leaks before audible noises or visible dripping occurs.

Benefits of Early Tube Leak Detection

Early tube detection can be crucial for plant and personnel health, allowing leaks to be detected, located, and repaired before serious damage, slowdowns in production or costly unplanned outages can occur. Monitoring solutions enable plants and mills to maximize their asset and personnel safety, in addition to optimizing maintenance spending.

Reduce downtime and locate leaks while plant remains online

MISTRAS’ monitoring solutions keep leaks under constant watch, and locates and alerts operators as soon as an indication is detected. This maximizes efficiency by allowing for quick leak location, allowing plant and mill personnel to spend less time looking for the leak and more time planning the outage.

Detecting and addressing leaks quickly also enables facilities to avoid secondary damages such as tube separation, impingement, or destruction of adjacent tubes.

Plan outages and make more informed market decisions, rather than being forced offline

Tube leak monitoring puts decision-making in operators’ hands. You can schedule outages based on your operational preferences, not circumstance. This enables plant operators and upper management to wait for an optimal coverage pricing window.

Ensuring tube leaks are repaired in a scheduled, controlled atmosphere – instead of a forced, uncontrolled, and unpredictable setting – can also increase safety and decrease the likelihood of accidents during outage work.

Maximize operational profits

General production is maximized because outages aren’t extended and downtime is minimized. Outage efficiency and downtime management are results of the MISTRAS’ early leak detection capabilities, which enable plants and mills to make manageable repairs in optimal situations with the earliest possible actionable information.

Plant and mill operators are also able to minimize visits to hard-to-access areas. Tube monitoring enables maintenance management personnel to extend intervals in between scheduled inspections, reducing the costs and hazards associated with sending technicians into high-temperature and hazardous regions of a facility.

Hardware-As-A-Service Monitoring Solutions

Since tube leaks can strike at any time, MISTRAS offers hardware-as-a-service solutions to provide installation services and periodic system checkups.

Prior to installation, our system engineers walk boilers with personnel to aid in selecting optimal sensor locations. We also provide on-site technical support during training and system check-out for operators and electrical personnel.

After installation, MISTRAS' Surveillance teams provide daily, weekly, or monthly checks to examine data for suspicious acoustic changes, and to troubleshoot potential hardware issues. Our Surveillance teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for diagnostic services and maintenance consultations.

Additional, supplementary surveillance programs are also available to provide plants and mills with additional monitoring and data analysis in between scheduled reports, including an interactive leak database for real-time leak event risk analysis.

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