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Customized Asset Protection Programs for Long-Term Projects

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MISTRAS supports our clients with long-term support for major projects, including capital construction projects, refinery turnarounds, power plant outages, supply chain integration, and extended on-site asset protection.

MISTRAS always seeks to provide the best solution for each of our clients, which sometimes requires providing support for long-term projects.

For clients who require continuous support, we extend the full breadth of our OneSource portfolio of asset protection solutions to provide engineering consulting support during planning phases; inspection, maintenance, access, and monitoring solutions during normal operations; and custom-tailored programs covering multiple phases of a client’s production cycle.

Refinery Turnarounds and Power Plant Shutdowns/Outages

Work stoppages in refineries and power plants are some of the costliest ventures the facilities can undertake. It is essential that these outages are planned effectively, to ensure that all necessary inspections and maintenance are completed safely and efficiently.

Starting over a year before the planned stoppage, MISTRAS’ expert consultants help plan required inspection and maintenance activities, and MISTRAS’ multi-disciplined technicians can execute them utilizing small teams that keep cost, downtime, and onsite personnel to a minimum.

Learn more about our refinery turnaround and power plant shutdown/outage solutions here.

Evergreen Asset Protection

Corrosion, cracking, leaks, and other damages can strike at any time, so MISTRAS can station permanent, onsite asset protection teams at our customers’ facilities to ensure their assets remain in safe operating condition and in regulatory compliance at all times.

Our evergreen asset protection teams create and execute targeted, custom-tailored inspection programs. We help keep facility operators informed as soon damages appear, including using rope access techniques to quickly access at-height assets where damages often proliferate in between scheduled inspections.

Learn more about our evergreen asset protection programs here.

Capital Construction Project Services

MISTRAS provides high-quality civil and mechanical engineering consulting support for clients undertaking capital construction projects.

Our services include planning for overall capital project execution, ensuring constructability and quality control of plant design, and assisting in plant completion and start-up.

Learn more about our engineering services for capital construction project here.

Supply Chain Integration & Optimization

For clients with complicated logistic schedules requiring multiple contractors, MISTRAS has the resources and asset protection expertise to invest in purpose-built facilities that centralize multiple steps throughout the production lifecycle.

In one case, MISTRAS eliminated up to two months out of an aerospace engine manufacturer’s production cycle by building a custom-tailored production plant. MISTRAS trained personnel in multiple NDT-adjacent service lines, enabling our client to outsource multiple steps in the production process to a single contractor, rather than then sending it to multiple locations for each phase.

Learn more about our supply chain optimization capabilities here.

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