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Petrochemical Industry Inspector

MISTRAS provides a complete range of capital project service to assist customers from planning and designing engineering and construction projects through overall project execution and support of the plant start-up.

MISTRAS provides experienced consulting specialists to support process plant clients in all phases of project development and execution of capital construction projects.

We offer a broad range of services, including designing a process development program based on a clients’ concept, designing a pilot plant to verify or optimize process parameters, or even supporting plant scale-up to a demonstration / commercial size facility.

MISTRAS specializes in the following areas of capital project management for process plants:

  • Planning for overall project execution
  • Validating cost estimates and control tools
  • Ensuring constructability of the facility
  • Providing contracting services
  • Supporting project procurement
  • Controlling the quality of design/engineering
  • Making independent project reviews
  • Strengthening construction planning and safety
  • Assisting in plant completion and start-up

Planning for Overall Capital Project Execution

By completing front-end engineering & design (FEED) studies, MISTRAS consultants will evaluate project execution strategies, assess risks, test design basis, and develop staffing plans for all project phases and work locations. FEED studies enable our clients to finalize their project’s scope, plan budgets effectively, assess potential roadblocks, and forecast project timelines.

Validating Cost Estimates and Control Tools
  • Objective and detailed appraisal of capital cost estimates for methodology and completeness
  • Scoping and assessment of project cost control organization and systems for responsiveness
Strengthening Contracting Services
  • Development of contracting strategies for the overall project and each major job, with appropriate commercial approaches for each anticipated contract
  • Assistance for owner's legal and project functions in preparing bid documents to get targeted results
  • Assistance with screening of potential bidders, identification of qualified bidders, and determination of a bidding slate for each job
  • Assistance with planning for an administration of the bidding process, review of proposals, and penetration of an award recommendation for each contract
Supporting Project Procurement
  • Definition and documentation of responsibility splits and interfaces between the owner and contractor(s)
  • Development of a comprehensive purchasing plan, including expediting, shop inspection, and related activities as well as cost-effective procurement of low-value items
  • Development of a logistics plan appropriate to project size, complexity, and location, including packing and shipping, export/import considerations, receiving and temporary storage

Ensuring Constructability and Quality Control of Plant Design

As an extension of the owner's project team, MISTRAS consultants conduct a selective, detailed review of the mechanical, machinery, fired equipment, instrumentation, safety, electrical, and civil engineering aspects of the proposed facility.

In order to ensure the constructability of a new facility's planned design, MISTRAS consultants develop and implement a structured program to apply comprehensive construction knowledge and experience from design development through construction.

Independent Project Reviews
  • Conduct planned, in-depth, quick-response appraisals of project performance at key milestones to give owner's management an unbiased picture of strengths and weaknesses of the project
Emphasizing Construction Planning and Safety
  • Implement comprehensive planning of the entire construction process to provide basis for safe and effective worksite activities
  • Perform specialized Construction Safety Execution Planning, to provide specific worksite safety programs in appropriate depth and breadth to meet owner's safety goals
  • Provide specialized Mobile Crane/Lifting Safety Program including onsite training for crane operators, foreman, and field engineers, as appropriate

Assisting in Plant Completion and Start-Up

Once construction is completed, MISTRAS’s work isn’t finished. We’ll help clients plan for and assist in the implementation of required coordination among contractors and project team during the interim between near-completion of construction and initial operation of the facility. This includes

  • detailed identification of systems for turnover
  • documentation of pre-startup checkout requirements
  • delineation of procedures for punch lists and turnover statements
  • delineation of requirements for records management
  • definition of procedures for close-out and acceptance

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