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Through collaborative partnerships and years of development, MISTRAS has developed proprietary non-destructive testing (NDT) technology packages aimed at solving specific problems in key industries.

Backed by the spirit of customer-centric innovation that MISTRAS has held since we opened our doors in 1978, our technology packages are thoroughly-researched NDT solutions that have been developed hand-in-hand with customers and industry organizations to solve some of their most difficult asset protection problems.

Our collaborations have resulted in the systemic development of test procedures, specialized hardware and software, and databases to substantiate the resulting applications and subsequent accept/reject criteria.

MISTRAS offers multiple technology packages identified problems in several industries:

  • TankPAC Tank Bottom Condition Assessment
  • MONPAC™ Pressure Vessel Testing
  • CORPAC In-Service Monitoring of Operating Vessels
  • PowerPAC – Power Transformer Partial Discharge and Thermal Fault Detection

TankPAC™ – Tank Bottom Condition Assessment

TankPAC™ is a surveying tool designed to assess the tank bottom condition in aboveground storage tanks (ASTs).

TankPAC is an in-service test that utilizes acoustic emission (AE) transducers that are mounted on the outside of the tank wall to listen to the active corrosion inside the tank. Based on the test results and the resulting grade given to the tank, the owner/operator can decide whether or not it is necessary to open the tank for decontamination and internal inspection.

TankPAC helps tank operators optimize their maintenance budgets, as it has shown that tanks are often opened unnecessarily, leading to unnecessary downtime and lost productivity.

In addition to detecting active corrosion, TankPAC’s AE technology can also be used for detecting and locating active leaks.

Learn more about the TankPAC technology package here.

MONPAC™ – In-Service Pressure Vessel Testing

The MONPAC™ technology package is the result of a strategic cooperative development by Monsanto Chemical Company (MON) and MISTRAS Group’s AE equipment brand, Physical Acoustics (PAC).

An acoustic emission "expert system" for evaluating the condition of metal pressure systems and tanks, based on experience from thousands of tests, MONPAC procedures are now widely-used in the oil & gas, chemical, and petrochemical industries.

Using AE sensors to detect the high-frequency signals resulting from stress-related deterioration, MONPAC ensures real-time defect detection with high-level speed and resolution, so even the smallest faults can be identified.

Learn more about the MONPAC technology package here.

CORPAC™ – In-Service Monitoring of Operating Vessels

Developed in partnership with members of the European chemical industry, our CORPAC™ Technology Packaged Inspection Services detect active, localized corrosion and pitting in stainless steel, carbon-steel, aluminum alloys, zircaloy, and more. The tests are non-intrusive and consist of short-term monitoring in order to collect AE signals resulting from corrosion propagation.

With CORPAC's knowledge-based "expert-system" software, developed over several years by corrosion experts, we take full control of the acoustic signal processing and automated corrosion type classification.

CORPAC Applications
  • Storage Tanks
  • Pipe Connections
  • Reactors
  • Railroad Tank Cars
  • Distillation Towers

PowerPAC™Power Transformer Partial Discharge and Thermal Fault Detection

MISTRAS’ PowerPAC™ system is a technology package with in-service, online monitoring applications, applying key AE testing principles to the testing and inspection of power transformers.

PowerPAC can detect, locate, and assess not only partial discharge in power transformers, but also thermal faults by utilizing AE inspection technology.

Once transformers are instrumented with AE sensors on the tank and any other important componentry, data can be collected over a 24-hour period. Results are then presented to show location and type of faults, and a grading system based on the faults will provide an overall evaluation of the transformer for future maintenance and operational planning.

Complete with data management and acquisition software, the PowerPAC works in real time to analyze results and provide a graphic visualization of findings.

Learn more about the PowerPAC technology package here.

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