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As a global leader in the asset protection industry, MISTRAS is committed to providing the highest quality solutions.

Our customers understand and demand the highest-quality asset protection solutions. We endeavor to maintain their trust through total dedication to quality and unquestionable business ethics.

We charge our employees to commit totally to performing at the highest level of quality. MISTRAS intends to continue to conduct our business in a responsible manner, to never be satisfied with simply maintaining our level of quality, and to constantly strive for improvement.

Our goal is to be the only asset protection solution provider that our clients need, by:

MISTRAS Group ISO 9001-Recognized Quality Policy

MISTRAS’ field services branches, in-house labs, and equipment manufacturing facilities operate to an ISO 9001-recognized Quality Policy. Our Services operations are governed by a Quality Manual (100-QAP-001 Rev 10 dated 10/23/2019) that meets the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001:2015, AS9100 Rev D, Nadcap Audit Criteria AC7004, ASTM E543 – 15, 10 CFR
Part 50 Appendix B

The Quality System for our equipment manufacturing operations covers the design, manufacture, repair, and calibration of non-destructive test instruments and sensors, and the services associated with this equipment and technology. Our qualified, trained, highly-motivated, and quality-oriented team is charged with implementing, maintaining, and continuously improving our Quality System.

To achieve this mission, the internationally-recognized ISO-9001 Quality Management System has been adopted as the basis of our Quality System. This Quality System is mature, meets the present requirements, and will continue to evolve to satisfy future needs. This policy is explained and discussed during the orientation training given to all new employees. It is also posted in conspicuous locations throughout the Company.

Certifications & Certification Testing

We work continuously to certify our equipment, procedures, and personnel worldwide. Based on our stated Quality Policy, we strive to ensure our solutions satisfy numerous standards and certifications from all over the globe.

CE Mark Certification to assure compliance to radiated and conducted electromagnetic emissions, as well as power supply safety requirements.

Intrinsically Safe (IS) Certification to assure equipment is incapable of supplying enough energy to create a spark that could ignite a potentially-explosive environment.

Radiation Resistance Certification assures that products being used in nuclear plant systems are qualified in regards to gamma and neutron radiation compliance and Total Integrated Dose (TID).

Electromagnetic Interference & RFI Immunity certification assures that equipment is able to work continuously in high EMI/RFI environments, and also to assure that equipment does not emit EMI/RFI.

Environmental Testing, including temperature and humidity cycling throughout the usable range of electronics, shock and vibration testing, and Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) for our system.

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