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MISTRAS’ inspection and monitoring specialties for transformers and other Transmission & Distribution (T&D) assets help plants avoid unplanned outages and keep the lights on for homes and businesses.

Power plants rely on Transmission & Distribution (T&D) assets to deliver electricity distributed to their corresponding network. Transformer failures can cause lapses in power generation that can have ripple effects in the entire network, even leading to complete shutdowns that cut power to people and communities.

MISTRAS offers diagnostic and continuous online monitoring of power transformers, utilizing a combination of non-destructive examination (NDE) and monitoring techniques. In-service, early detection of unacceptable conditions can provide vital information that helps support safe and reliable operations.

We offer inspection, diagnostic testing, and monitoring solutions for:

  • Circuit Breakers
  • Gas-Insulated Substations
  • High-Voltage Bus Bars
  • High-Voltage Cables
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Load Tap Changers
  • Power Transformers

Substation Reliability Services

Traditionally, substations are often removed from service for condition assessments based on a pre-determined schedule. However, as maintenance budgets get reduced and power equipment is required to operate for longer periods of time, MISTRAS helps our T&D clients change their maintenance philosophies from being based on condition, rather than time.

MISTRAS’ substation reliability techniques enable us to provide information on unit conditions while it remains online, with no disruption of its operating conditions.

Our inspection techniques use a multi-disciplined approach to detect, locate and assess multiple transformer faults, including:

  • Arcing
  • Core Clamping Problems
  • Defects on Load Tap Changer Components
  • Hot Spots
  • Loose Connections
  • Mechanical Defects
  • Overheating on Cores and Conductors
  • Partial Discharge (in-service as well as during induced-voltage factory testing)
  • Static Electrification

MISTRAS Substation Reliability services address asset repair and maintenance needs to help your T&D power plant assets avoid shutdowns while increasing production. Our wide range of capabilities provides solutions for all the assets and processes in your facility to detect defects of all type, size, and severity, with services including:

  • On-line
    • Acoustic Emission (AE) Diagnostic Testing & Continuous Monitoring
    • Electrical Partial Discharge (HFCT)
    • Vibration-Diagnostic Tests and Continuous Monitoring
    • Infrared
    • Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) and Ultrasound
    • On-Site Dissolved Gas Analysis & Moisture Tests
    • Sound Measurements
  • Offline Services
    • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis
    • Dielectric Frequency Response (DFR)
    • Insulation Resistance
    • Contact Resistance
    • Transformer Turn Ratio (TTR)
    • Winding Resistance
    • Primary Injection

Transformer Clinic™ by MISTRAS: Power Transformer Health and Fitness Determination

Transformer Clinic™ by MISTRAS is an industry-benchmark for determining the fitness and health status of your power transformers.

Transformer Clinic is a programmatic service-and-system solution combining MISTRAS’ decades of substation reliability and transformer monitoring experience with a comprehensive suite of online/offline and onsite/laboratory diagnostic testing and screening services.

The Transformer Clinic program is broken into four phases:

SAMPLE – Onsite and Laboratory Testing

Technicians use a combination of onsite and laboratory insulating oil tests such as Dissolved Gas Analysis (SGA) and Oil Quality Analysis as primary indicators to determine which areas of further concern require more in-depth testing.

SCREEN – Spot Inspection Testing

With field inspection techniques and real-time spot checks, technicians can identify hot-spots and areas of concern, using methods including Acoustic Emission, Vibration Analysis, Infrared Radiation, and High Frequency Current Transformer Testing.

OBSERVE – Overnight Baseline Testing

Since some symptoms only manifest periodically, MISTRAS may recommend observing transformers for a 24-hour period with overnight baseline testing services in order to ensure that all issues are identified.

MONITOR – 24/7 Continuous Health Status Monitoring

To ensure substations always remain in operation, MISTRAS provides 24/7 continuous health monitoring with AE technology to provide a constant status report of transformer condition.

Our monitoring solutions are capable of tracking one, a few, or an entire fleet of power transformers through a robust and easy-to-use web-based monitoring application, generating real-time health and condition based summaries designed to help improve your transformer's in-market availability.

Power Transformer Inspection & Testing Services

MISTRAS performs inspection testing services on power transformers in order to prevent the financial burden of a damage-related transformer failure. With multiple available non-destructive examination (NDE) and vibration testing technologies, technicians can non-invasively identify faults in transformer componentry, including active faults in in-service assets.

MISTRAS helps T&D operators mitigate these risks, with benefits including:

  • Transmission
    • Eliminate need for an on-site spare unit
    • Avoid capital expenses
    • Prevent EPA fugitive emissions
    • Increase operating capacity
    • Maintain dispatch flexibility
  • Distribution
    • Reduced unplanned outages
    • Prevention of risks for residential customers
    • Increased profits
    • Reduced risk of legal action and fines

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