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MISTRAS provides asset protection solutions to manufacturing facilities to ensure their assets, components, and end-use products operate as safely and efficiently as possible.

With the increased production rate requirements in modern manufacturing, facility operators must ensure that their production assets are operating at optimum capacity. Losses due to fixed or rotating equipment failures, corrosion, leaking, or any number of other damages can occur at multiple points as a batch of components moves through the production process.

Production equipment failure leads not only to increased maintenance costs, but also leads to unplanned downtime and the loss of product revenue. Production runs that are meant to take hours can turn into days or weeks, affecting not just that individual batch, but also the opportunity cost that is lost with subsequent scheduled batches.

MISTRAS’ industrial asset protection capabilities ensure not only the reliability and integrity of a manufacturer’s product, but also allow for the deterrence of any failures that could occur after the product is supplied to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or end-user.

MISTRAS supports manufacturing facilities in multiple industries, including:

We provide a comprehensive range of integrated asset protection solutions that help to prevent unplanned stoppages and mitigate damages, including:

Manufacturing Facility Inspection and Lab Testing Services

MISTRAS’ asset protection solutions help plant operators meet stringent zero-to-low defect component tolerance quality assurance and control (QA/QC) standards.

We offer these solutions throughout the manufacturing process, including raw material inputs, in-process manufacturing, and end-product testing & analysis.

We offer a wide-range of traditional and advanced NDT inspection services, and can customize an inspection program to fit the specific needs of your facility, for assets including but not limited to:

With professional pilots to conduct unmanned drone inspections and trained rope access technicians to complete inspection and maintenance in at-height and confined spaces, MISTRAS is capable of ensuring asset integrity in all areas of your plant with a single team.

MISTRAS also performs laboratory testing on materials and composites used in manufacturing processes. Our destructive testing (DT), materials testing, and mechanical testing processes ensure the strength, durability, and safety of components before they enter the manufacturing processes.

Hazardous Materials and Process Safety Management (PSM)

MISTRAS’ expert engineering consultants have decades of experience in minimizing risk and optimizing productivity at manufacturing facilities, particularly for chemical, petrochemical, and pulp & paper clients.

Since these facilities process hazardous chemicals and gases that can be dangerous to personnel and the environment, MISTRAS’ consultants help to mitigate risk by:

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