Confined Space Access

Confined Space Access, Inspection, and Maintenance Services

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MISTRAS brings the industry experience and highly-trained personnel necessary to perform inspection and maintenance services in confined space locations.

Confined space assets refer to any enclosed or partially-enclosed asset with limited means of entry. Many of these assets also operate under atmospheric pressure and contain potentially hazardous gases. While avoiding confined space entry (CSE) is always preferred, MISTRAS provides highly-trained personnel to perform inspection and maintenance services in these locations.

Confined Space Assets

Many assets in the oil & gas, petrochemical, manufacturing, and power generation industries can incur internal damage that requires entry into the asset, so MISTRAS technicians perform confined space site management with efficiency and safety in mind.

MISTRAS performs inspections and maintenance on a variety of confined space assets, including but not limited to:

  • Boilers
  • HRSGs
  • Manholes
  • Mine Shafts
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Sewers
  • Steel Mills
  • Storage Tanks
  • Vaults
  • Wind Turbines

Drone and Rope Access Confined Space Entry (CSE)

We devise our confined space entry (CSE) access, inspection, and maintenance plans around the specific needs of your facility. Our plans take into account the duration of confined access, location, risks, and requirements associated with each project, along with the condition, accessibility, and operational necessity of the asset in question.

In addition to confined space inspection and maintenance services, MISTRAS ensures that safety remains a top priority for all confined space projects by providing on-site fall protection, rescue, and emergency teams.

Confined Space Drone Inspections

Before entering confined spaces, MISTRAS may recommend sending in an unmanned system, or drone, to pre-qualify the inspection and maintenance plan.

Safely and expertly controlled by professional pilots, our aerial and crawler drones are excellent tools to get initial eyes on any potential problems areas. This decreases the amount of time technicians need to spend in confined spaces, as they know exactly where the problem areas are before entering. Drones are capable of performing multiple NDT inspections, and can also be equipped with gripper arms to recover lost debris.

Confined Space Rope Access Inspections and Maintenance

After establishing the inspection and maintenance plan, MISTRAS’ highly-trained rope access teams enter the asset to perform any necessary inspections and repairs.

Rope access techs can perform nearly any service that technicians on the ground perform. They can perform more advanced, in-depth inspections than drones, and are equipped to perform a multitude of maintenance and light mechanical services, including removing and mitigating corrosion. Prior to entering pressurized assets or those that contain hazardous gases, MISTRAS can also perform tank and vessel degassing services to ensure personnel safety.

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