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Circuit Board Manufacturing
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Sensor Manufacturing

MISTRAS Group designs, develops, and manufactures non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection and monitoring equipment in our fully, vertically-integrated manufacturing facility located at our world headquarters in Princeton Junction, NJ – USA.

MISTRAS’ products & systems are fully-developed by our in-house Engineering Development and Research Contracts & Applications (RC&A) teams. Our ISO-9001-certified manufacturing facility has the full capability to fabricate, assemble, test, and support all our products for sale, including:

  • Acoustic Emission (AE) Instrumentation
  • AE Sensors
  • Ultrasonic (UT) Systems
  • Thermography Systems

Machine Shop Facilities

Our on-site, fully-staffed machine shops are capable of performing high-precision machining, sheet metal forming, packaging, painting, and silk screening.

Our equipment includes multiple large numerical control milling machines with CAD input capability, additional milling machines with precision digital controls and readouts, multiple lathes, drill presses, band saws, cutoff saws, sheet metal brakes, sheet metal punches, air compressors, pneumatic tools, a large paint booth, and a silk screening center.

Quality Assurance & Control

Quality is a very important part of our operation and we have several full-time personnel whose only job is to assure quality at every part of our manufacturing process.

We have incoming inspection personnel who check the quality, quantity, and accuracy of every item we receive into the factory. In-process inspection personnel inspect the quality of components after various stages of manufacture. Finally, our final inspection station carefully inspects and checks each manufactured item’s quality, and assure that every customer order is checked carefully to make sure that all order requirements are met. In doing this job, we have various tools including magnifying viewers and precision measuring tools.

Product & System Testing

We perform testing on every electronic component that we make. Each component has a test procedure with a step-by-step test process, and a test report in which we document test results. All test results are filed in accordance with our ISO-9001 record-keeping requirements.

In addition to testing individual electronic assemblies, our testers also prepare final systems performing final system tests, according to test procedures and customer specs. We document and file results of all the tests we perform.

Each test technician has their own test station with a full complement of calibrated equipment including oscilloscopes, programmable power supplies, meters, computer automated test stations, many of which use the same boards that we manufacture for our customers. All our test equipment is calibrated regularly in order to assure NIST traceability.

NDT Automation Assembly

We have a dedicated space at the factory for assembling our large, automated ultrasonic testing (UT) systems.

These are motion-controlled systems that allow for automated UT inspection. Our immersion systems can be as small and simple as a 2- or 3-axis table-top, 10" UT Immersion system, or all the way up to a 45-foot long machine with 10 or more coordinated, controlled motion axes.

Our facilities include all the tools to fabricate these electromechanical systems, to alignment gages, calibration blocks, and computerized test equipment.


Our Stockroom is full of raw materials, in-process and finished goods inventory, all being maintained by sophisticated SQL database computer systems. All materials in the stockroom are kept at appropriate environmental levels, neatly and safely stored and organized with clear part numbers assigned to every part.

Sensor Manufacturing

Acoustic Emission (AE) Sensors

Our AE sensor manufacturing facilities consist of full-time sensor technicians, who assemble and test our AE sensors. We manufacture over 100 types of standard sensors.

In the manufacturing of sensors, we have several ultrasonic cleaners, curing ovens, in-house developed sensor fixtures to aid in precision assembly, epoxy dispensers, soldering tools (using no-lead solder), welders, finishing equipment including a capping machine, sanders, buffers, and polishers. We also have a laser-engraving machine for engraving the product name, part number, and serial number on each sensor.

For AE Calibration, we have multiple calibration stations, using two different AE sensor calibration techniques including a NIST-equivalent and Traceable velocity calibration standard (which provides the same calibration result as the Primary Calibration station at NIST), per ASTM E-1106 and E-1781.

In addition, we also use a pressure calibration technique, reference ASTM E-976. We have developed our own calibration systems and software. Our calibration systems contain some of the same AE boards that we sell and support in the market. We have also developed our own AE sensor calibration software in order to automatically inspect and calibrate our sensors, providing a printout result of the calibration response curve for the sensor.

Surface Mount Assembly Center

A very key part of the NDT products that we develop and manufacture is the electronic-printed circuit boards. These form the heart of our systems, providing the high-speed, high-performance computerized electronics that carry out data acquisition, signal and digital signal processing, display, analysis, decision-making, and internet-reporting.

We have made a large investment in automated surface mount assembly machines in order for us to have control of our manufacturing and to pass cost savings onto our customers. We have multiple high-speed surface mount assembly machines that we run full time, and a large surface mount belt-driven conveyor that automatically runs the assembled boards into and out of the soldering oven.

Our boards are fully RoHS compliant, meaning that we are using no-Lead solder in our assembly of boards. We also do not use other specified hazardous materials in our circuit and system manufacture.

Assembly Center

We have a staff of assemblers who assemble our system wiring, chasses, cable assemblies, assembly of boards to our system enclosures, adding components to our printed circuit board assemblies which cannot be mounted automatically in the surface mount machines.

Customer Services

We have a fully-staffed customer service team with their own test space and personnel to calibrate, repair, and upgrade all the systems that we manufacture.

Our customer service team is always available for questions and support, whether someone has a question how to operate the system, software licensing or operational questions, or needs help in determining if the equipment needs service.

Shipping & Receiving

Our shipping/receiving area has all the space and resources necessary for packing any system, whether a delicate instrument, multiple systems on a pallet, or a crate for a large system.  We have all the tools and capability to ensure your quality product ships safely.

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