Midstream Transportation & Maritime Inspection Services

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MISTRAS provides asset protection solutions for the railcars, maritime vessels, and other assets that transport natural gas in the midstream sector of the oil & gas industry.

A key part of the midstream oil & gas industry includes transporting materials from their initial sourcing and production sites to oil refineries that will then convert them into a finished product.

Midstream transportation vessels carry both natural gas liquids (NGLs) and liquefied Natural Gasses (LNGs). Flaws and defects in transportation assets can create the opportunity for leaks in storage and containment componentry, which makes the transportation process inefficient, limits final production, and can create huge safety risks for the public and surrounding environment.

MISTRAS provides transportation inspection services on a variety of petroleum transportation assets, including:

  • Maritime Tankers
  • LNG Vessels
  • Rail Cars
  • Truck Fleets

Maritime Transportation Inspection Services

MISTRAS non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection services can identify even the smallest defects in maritime transportation assets in order to help prevent the costly and hazardous leaking of natural gas materials.

Corrosion, cracking, welding defects, and other flaws in maritime componentry make vessels susceptible to more serious damage. Oil spills in bodies of water rapidly expand over large areas, becoming exponentially more damaging to the surrounding environment. In addition, when ship hulls become separated from the tank wall during regular use, the gap creates a space for internal corrosion to degrade the structural integrity of the vessel.

With rope access, diving, and drone capabilities, MISTRAS can inspect all parts of a maritime asset to identify existing flaws and potentially weak regions so damage is discovered before total failure occurs.

MISTRAS’ (NDT inspection services for maritime vessels include:

Marine Vessel Slewing Bearing Inspection Services

MISTRAS provides expert phased array (PAUT) and acoustic emission (AE) inspections for the early detection of structural flaws and diagnosis of cracks and structural inconsistencies. Our inspections assess the condition of each slewing bearing to determine its safe and effective use over time.

Whether a slewing bearing is damaged or in good condition, MISTRAS’ trained and certified technicians can identify damage based on individual inspection results, establishing inspection timelines and forecasting expected service dates as a preventative maintenance plan for ship owners. Our non-destructive testing techniques also enable us to create a cost-effective solution without dismantling the slewing bearing structure. 

Learn more about our phased array inspection technique for slewing bearings here.

Inspection Services for Petroleum Railcars and Tanker Trucks

MISTRAS can thoroughly inspect trucks, rail cars, and any other assets that facilitate land-based transportation in the midstream sector.

When traveling long distances, it is essential that hazardous liquids and gases are properly stored and contained in order to prevent a liquid or gas leak. Such damages can be extremely dangerous to the health and safety of the public, the environment, and the personnel operating the vehicle or rail line.

MISTRAS NDT inspection services for railcars and trucks include:

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