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Engineering Research & Development (R&D) of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Technologies & Applications

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MISTRAS has served as a global leader in developing industry-leading non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection techniques and applications for decades, through the work of a team of dedicated engineers and a culture of innovation.

Driven by the need to find innovative solutions to solve our client’s problems, MISTRAS’ Research, Contracts & Application (RC&A) group was formed in 1992. Since that time, our Research & Development (R&D) teams have continued to work hand-in-hand with our partners, industry organizations, universities, and governments to continuously expand our knowledge and solution portfolio.

Over the years, we have been continuously improving our core technologies as part of an effort to offer the best field solutions to our customers. This effort includes a wide variety of industries from Aerospace & Defense to Food Processing to Nuclear Power to Biomedics.

Our R&D teams help us to improve our existing solutions, and innovate new ones, to enhance time, cost efficiency, and safety for our clients.

Global Research, Knowledge, and Support Network

With offices located all over the world, each of our individual locations is support by our global research, knowledge, and support network.

Our R&D teams employ a talented group of experts in the field of NDT technology. Their accomplishments have led to many innovations in the fields of Acoustic Emission (AE), Ultrasonic (UT), Eddy Current (EC), Thermography, and Resistivity science.

Our engineering teams employ dozens of Ph.D.’s with expertise in mechanical, electrical, software, and sensor engineering. Our staff is able to develop complete NDT systems from the sensors, to the electronic circuit boards, mechanical system packaging, software development, online monitoring and reporting, application expertise, and robotic automation for industrial turn-key solutions.

Our Research & Development teams have supported our service offerings for decades, supplying them not only with technical expertise, but also by developing, designing, and manufacturing many of the inspection and monitoring equipment and applications our teams use in the field.

Overall Design, Quality and Training

Because MISTRAS designs and manufactures our equipment in-house, our R&D teams are able to develop fully-customized systems for our customers. Leading companies and organizations in the oil & gas, aerospace & defense, and infrastructure industries regularly approach MISTRAS to solve their most difficult asset protection problems.

Our Engineering organization is fully ISO-9001-certified. All of our products are developed under the ISO-9001 system of procedures and work instructions.

Our engineers have all been trained in the ISO-9001 quality standard including each procedure and work instruction they are responsible working towards. MISTRAS provides NDT training for all engineers, who also stay abreast of hardware, software, and cutting-edge technologies being used throughout the industry through participation in industry organizations.

Product Development & Testing

MISTRAS develops all software, electronic circuitry and components, and sensors that are used in our non-destructive testing equipment completely in-house. Our engineering teams utilize a large and complete development laboratory to comprehensively test our products before release to our customers.

Our engineers staff develop test procedures for every circuit board and system that they develop. Each test procedure provides a list of the instruments needed in order to perform the full testing, a block diagram of the test equipment setup to the system or circuit under test, a step-by-step test procedure with measurements, and a test data sheet where all the measurements of the board or system are listed against acceptance criteria.

Each of these records are kept as a record of the test and calibration of that board or system and is available to the customer.

Sensor Development

Our engineers have complete sensor development and modeling capability to develop industry-leading AE & UT. Every sensor engineer is responsible not only for the design of our new sensors, but also responsible for maintaining and improving our existing line of sensors, developing test fixtures and automation to help reduce manufacturing fabrication time, supporting manufacturing to assure consistency and quality.

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