Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Initiatives

Sustainability Commitment

Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA)

Our commitment remains to our customers, the industries we serve, our shareholders, and society at large to provide best-in-class service that exceeds expectations through the use of cutting-edge technology and environmental stewardship. Through our interactions with our customers, as well as our other stakeholders, we want to transform the way people think about the asset protection industry and the value we provide. We strive to contribute to the greater good in all facets of our business, implementing solutions to meet industry and regulatory requirements and transforming our business to be better stewards of our resources including our people and our planet.

This is a continuous journey for us at MISTRAS, as we scale and implement our solutions inside our organization, and have on-going discussions with our vendors and customers, seeking the greater good for all. I invite you to follow along on our journey as we seek to transform the asset protection industry from traditional testing techniques to a world of data analytical solutions, which drive change not only in our company and our industry, but also in the world we live and operate in each day.

MISTRAS Group Is Proud to Have Completed The Latest S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA)


MISTRAS cares about the impact we have on our employees, customers, and communities, and we prioritize the safety and well-being of all of our stakeholders. Click here to see our safety performance, and see below for the core values and policies which guide our safety-conscious, caring culture.

Giving Back to The Community

MISTRAS Group strives to makes a difference. As a socially-responsible company, we take pride in contributing to important causes and groups that work to transform lives in the best ways possible.

Big Climb Employees conquered the Big Climb event in Seattle, WA – USA to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society®.
Humane Society Donations MISTRAS employees have helped raise money for the Inland Valley Humane Society.
Toy Donation MISTRAS participates in toy donation drives for various organizations throughout the holiday season.
Valero Texas Open MISTRAS’ sponsorship of this golf tournament aided in raising funds for children’s causes.
Marathon Petroleum Invitational As a platinum sponsor, MISTRAS supported STEM and vocational education, public safety, and environmental conservation & sustainability.
Chitimacha Open MISTRAS presented the Chitimacha Louisiana Open, which has raised millions for local charities since its inception in 1992.
2019 Marathon Classic The Marathon Classic raises money for children’s charities in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.
Take Your Kids to Work Day MISTRAS holds an annual Take Your Kids to Work Day event, providing a fun and memorable experience for personnel and their families.
Fort McMurray Contribution MISTRAS made a charitable contribution to the community of Fort McMurray, Alberta – Canada after damaging forest fires in 2016.
AATA Graduation MISTRAS presented at the AATA graduation for personnel and students in Italy. The organization helps empower men, women, and veterans with free NDT training.

MISTRAS Group Is Proud to Have Completed The Latest S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA)


MISTRAS not only works with government regulations at every level, we take pride in upholding the importance of those standards through our unwavering commitment to safety and compliance.


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Below we have outlined some commonly-asked questions about MISTRAS’ Environment, Social, and Governance practices.

Does the company disclose that it provides anti-corruption training to all employees including management?

MISTRAS provides all employees with a Code of Conduct outlining prohibited practices including bribery, corruption, and political contributions upon hire. Employees are directors are expected to read the policies set forth in the Code and ensure that they understand and are required to abide by the Code.

The company requires all employees, including management and above, to complete training to maintain compliance with the code. Any suspected violation of the code is reported to the company’s ethics officer. All violations are investigated by the audit committee and reported to the Board of Directors.

(Covered in sections 17, 18, & 19 of the code of conduct & Code of Conduct training)

Additional information about employee concern intake procedure: Managed by 3rd party to allow employees to communicate issues and concerns with the option to maintain anonymity and confidentiality.

Does the company disclose that its board has a formal schedule for consideration of environmental, health and safety, and social matters?

Yes, The board considers environmental, health and safety and social matters each board meeting with dedicated time for the ESS committee to present and discuss items directly with the full board.

Is the Board of Directors specifically mentioned as having responsibility for the Human Rights Policy?

MISTRAS upholds the guiding principles set by the United Nations on business and human rights to ensure any potential violation is addressed. It is the responsibility of management to be alert to any potential violations and to ensure compliance with this policy. If a potential violation arises, then the manager must promptly notify our Corporate legal department and/or their Human Resources representative. Our board level Audit Committee receives periodic reports from management regarding our efforts to monitor and control any major risks. Audit Committee responsibilities also include monitoring the Company’s processes and policies regarding compliance with laws and regulations. The Audit Committee reports to the Board periodically of any significant matters that come to its attention. It is the ultimate responsibility of senior management to assess and manage any exposure to risk associated with human and labor rights.

(Per page 23 of the employee handbook)

Does the company disclose that it monitors employee satisfaction or engagement?

MISTRAS is committed to promoting an environment where employees feel free to voice any concern, issue, or question in order to encourage improvement in all aspects of business. With the aim to provide all employees an opportunity to express their honest feedback, an anonymous employee satisfaction survey was distributed by third party to all North American employees, specializing in coaching and management development, in December of 2019. Key themes were grouped and reported to each segment of the business. Our partnership with the 3rd party continues in order to create an action plan and follow up surveys.

Does the company’s publicly disclosed human rights policy include a training element?

Yes, MISTRAS core values are guided by our commitment to recognize the needs and rights of the people we interact with in every aspect of our business.  We promote an internal culture of respect and togetherness and are committed to applying those principles to all those we interact with outside our company.  Respect for fundamental human rights is a natural extension of these principles and is essential to responsible corporate citizenship.  We take responsibility for fundamental human rights through how we conduct our daily operations, interact with our stakeholders, and engage with our global community.

Mistras fosters our core values and strengthens our culture in this area by including human rights training in the onboarding of all new employees. (Human Rights Policy).  The policy fully supports and describes Mistras’ intent to uphold the United Nation’s principles of Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights.  The comprehensive training not only explains our corporate goals and sets the expectations for our employees, but also empowers each person to support, notify and seek remedy in any situation where a remedy may be required to prevent or protect fundamental human rights.

Does the Company state a commitment to a fair or living wage for all employees?

MISTRAS as a global organization is committed to ensuring all employees are compensated at a living wage. All local minimum wage requirements are met and where no wage laws are in place, employees are compensated competitively, in accordance with industry standards. Mistras recognizes our global commitment to ensuring compliance with international laws relating to wage and living wage requirements.

(Per page 24 of the employee handbook)