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The transportation of petroleum, crude oil, and natural gas from wellhead to refinery is essential, yet potentially hazardous. MISTRAS helps keep our clients, personnel, and the environment safe by ensuring midstream assets are structurally sound and in compliance.

MISTRAS offers asset protection solutions throughout every phase of the midstream sector, including:

We provide inspection, consulting, maintenance, and data management solutions to prevent damages in a wide range of midstream oil & gas assets, from maritime transportation vessels to aboveground storage tanks (ASTs).

With decades of experience in oil & gas operations and a massive portfolio of asset protection solutions, MISTRAS will provide the best solution to whatever problem your midstream asset faces.

New Construction Pipelines and Integrity Management Services

MISTRAS is your OneSource for pipeline protection. We offer solutions to ensure buried and aboveground, insulated and un-insulated, new construction and mature pipeline networks remain in compliance and streaming smoothly.

We partner with our pipeline clients to operate throughout every phase of their pipeline’s lifetime, from new construction design and inspection through pipeline integrity management years later.

Our pipeline protection solutions include:

  • Original Design Engineering Consulting
  • New Construction Inspections
  • Pipeline Integrity Assessments and Program Management
  • Maintenance Services
  • Pipeline Inspection Data Management

MISTRAS offers a robust range of available non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection techniques to our customers, including advanced real-time radiography (RTR) crawler technology. We quickly, safely, and cost-effectively inspect pipelines to provides real-time, in-depth data to inspectors and pipeline operators.

During pipeline integrity projects, MISTRAS provides industry-leading inline inspection services for small-, medium-, and large-bore pipelines, along with proprietary pipeline integrity data analysis software for high-quality insights and reporting.

We also offer specialized inspection data management software capable of performing advanced, pipeline-specific engineering calculations to help operators assess asset risk and prioritize inspection and maintenance based on probability and consequence of failure (PoF/CoF).

Learn more about our pipeline protection solutions here.

Storage Tank Inspection, Design, and Maintenance Services

Refinery storage tanks house petroleum, chemicals, and other hazardous materials, making them both essential to refinery operations, and also prone to catastrophic disasters. MISTRAS specializes in asset protection solutions for aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) and related componentry.

With decades of storage tank experience, we perform a wide array of NDT inspection services to ensure that storage tanks are in compliance with applicable codes, standards, and regulations. Our proprietary inspection reporting programs offer tank maintenance personnel a wealth of inspection and mechanical integrity data in easy-to-read formats.

Our storage consultants assist tank owner/operators in the design & construction phase, and offer support throughout tank lifetimes to identify mechanical failures or weaknesses and appropriate corrective measures.

MISTRAS also provides corrosion removal and mitigation services, insulation installation and support, and industrial cleaning services on storage tanks. We safely perform these solutions at-height and in confined spaces through the use of trained and certified rope access technicians and professional drone pilots.

Learn more about our storage tank solutions here.

Refinery Terminal Services

Terminals damages can cost operating companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtime, equipment replacement, and environmental clean-up costs. Accidents at terminal facilities can lead to serious safety hazards for on-site personnel, nearby assets, and the environment when they proper safety procedures are not taken.

MISTRAS performs services to ensure the integrity of all components within the terminal manor, including:

  • Absorbers
  • Dock Loading Arms
  • Filters
  • Manifolds
  • Piping
  • Strainers
  • Valves

We perform inspection services and safety audits, alerting our clients to potentially-unsafe terminal designs or procedural hazards, ensuring that hazardous products are transported safely and effectively from transportation vessel to storage tank.

Learn more about our terminal services here.

Midstream Maritime Vessel, Railcar, and Truck Transportation Services

Operating on railcars, trucks, maritime vessels, and any other asset involved in midstream transportation, MISTRAS ensures crude oil is transported safely from production sites to refineries.

Learn more about our inspection and maintenance services for midstream transportation vessels here.

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