Asset Management

Asset Management

MISTRAS offers a huge range of asset- and component-specific solutions, which we custom-tailor to your individual needs.

Heat Exchanger Tubes

Tube Bundle

MISTRAS specializes in heat exchanger tube services for chillers, condensers, water tube boilers, and evaporators. We inspect and repair well over a million heat exchanger tubes a year, utilizing eddy current (ET), remote video, and ultrasonic (UT) nondestructive testing (NDT) techniques.

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Storage Tank Bottom Assessment

Tank Floor Scan

MISTRAS' TankPAC is a surveying tool for assessing the tank bottom condition in aboveground storage tanks(AST) through corrosion monitoring and defect identification, enabling tank owners to more effectively determine when to open tanks for decontamination and internal inspections, and when they can continue operating safely.

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Terminal Manor Inspection

Storage Tanks

Our terminal inspections cover a range of components in your terminal manor. We conduct inspections to API 510 & API 570 codes, help you develop follow-up inspection dates, and calculate long-term and short-term corrosion rates on piping and vessels. We’ll also prepare final reports on inspection results and provide recommendations on any necessary repairs and follow-up inspections.

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Boiler Tube Leak Detection

Boiler Room Piping

MISTRAS' monitoring solutions are proven to detect tube leaks in boilers, turbines, condensers, feedwater heaters, and HRSGs earlier than traditional methods, and allow plants to locate leaks while they remain online.

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