Caring Connects

It All Starts with Caring

At MISTRAS, we’re a team connected by a common thread of caring – about one another, our customers, the environment, and the work we do. We see it as our responsibility to look out for one another, by fostering a culture of togetherness, safety, respect, and contribution which enables each individual member to feel that they’re a part of something bigger.

A community of caring professionals with a genuine passion for helping people and making a difference, together – that’s the heart of Caring Connects.

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Our Vision: Be The Integrated-Solution Partner To Solve Civilization’s Unmet Asset Protection Needs Our Mission: We Will Deliver Value By Developing, Integrating, And Executing Asset Protection Solutions That Maximize Uptime And Safety

When We Care

  • Safety is never overlooked, creating a secure and trusted environment for employees and customers
  • We foster an atmosphere of conscious ommunication that encourages open dialogue
  • Our respect for individuality is paramount, making inclusivity priority
  • We uplift those around us and encourage them to reach their full potential
  • Our dedication and compassion is reflected in our work and relationships with customers
  • We support our company's vision and mission through all our actions and decisions
  • We take pride in our work and constantly strive to improve in all aspects

" When we care about each other, when we work together towards a common goal, it is abundantly clear that Caring Connects all of us everywhere that MISTRAS operates. "

MISTRAS Group Management

Caring at MISTRAS Means...

  • Introduce yourself to a coworker you may not know well
  • Ask a coworker what they enjoy doing in their off time
  • Greet coworkers regularly
  • A simple good deed goes a long way
  • Offer knowledge or assistance in areas you have strength
  • Share a useful tool or tip
  • Ask a coworker for a PEER-check and return the favor
  • Lend a helping hand to a coworker carrying a heavy load
  • Allow coworkers to express their opinions and thoughts
  • Spend time to consider what worries a coworker
  • Brainstorm regularly and encourage meeting interaction
  • Remember how our work affects our coworkers
  • Positively contribute to the company’s vision and mission
  • Give credit where credit is due
  • Encourage a coworker to lead the execution of a great idea
  • Recognize a coworker in the presence of others
  • Celebrate a coworker’s wins with them
  • Motivate a coworker after a missed target
  • Send an email note of encouragement
  • Recognize a coworker who exercises overall safety
  • Foster an atmosphere of conscious communication
  • Encourage people to engage in an open dialogue
  • Give feedback that inspires motivation for improvement
  • Promptly inform coworkers of unsafe acts or conditions
  • Inclusiveness is rewarding! Offer equal opportunity for all
  • Share relevant updates
  • Hold regular safety meetings so everyone can contribute
  • Enthusiasm is contagious

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