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Rope Access Inspection & Maintenance Services for At-Height Assets

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For assets that are out-of-reach of traditional access and when scaffolding is not an option, MISTRAS provides rope access services to safely complete inspection, maintenance, and repair services.

Through outstanding efficiency and an unrivaled safety record, industrial rope access has become the chosen means of at-height access for the oil & gas, power, construction, civil infrastructure, and process plant environments.

MISTRAS Group has pioneered the use of industrial rope access for decades, providing at-height inspection and maintenance services worldwide. Our breadth of solutions and rope access experience make MISTRAS a uniquely-qualified partner for your at-height inspection and maintenance needs.

MISTRAS offers multi-disciplined rope access technicians who can complete a wide range of inspection and maintenance services with only a small team. Using small teams to perform multiple complementary services improves safety, reduces costs, and minimizes downtime and disruption by eliminating the safety hazards and mobilization time common with using scaffolding.

Our industry-certified teams safely access a variety of at-height assets, including:

Rope Access Inspection Services

MISTRAS safely delivers a full line of traditional and advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection services via rope access.

Assets in at-height locations are often not inspected as frequently as they should be, due to the hazards associated with accessing them. This allows damages to occur and to worsen over time, leading to rising maintenance costs once the damages are discovered.

MISTRAS’ rope access technicians simplify the process of accessing these hard-to-reach areas, so plant and asset owners can stay consistently informed of their asset’s condition on a regular basis.

Rope access technicians can access an asset and complete inspections in a matter of hours, compared to the weeks it can take for multiple contractors to construct scaffolding, access the area, complete inspections, and remove scaffolding.

  • Eddy Current (EC)
  • Liquid Penetrant (PT)
  • Magnetic Particle (MT)
  • Radiography (RT)
  • Ultrasonic (UT)
  • Visual (VT)
  • Acoustic Emission (AE)
  • Automated Ultrasonic (AUT)
  • Digital Radiography (DR)
  • Guided Wave (GWT)
  • Phased Array (PA)
  • Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC)

Rope Access Maintenance Services

Traditional access methods such as scaffolding, crane baskets, and man lifts increase risk exposure, crowd work areas, and add significant expense to projects. Rope access is an efficient method for deploying and performing:

Rope access maintenance techs are able to complete many of the same services as technicians on the ground can.

Our multi-disciplined rope access technicians are trained and certified to conduct inspections and maintenance services, so you only need one team for complete asset protection, instead of contracting individual service providers for each phase.

Evergreen Refinery Rope Access Teams

Some of our refinery and other process plant operator clients require our services to be performed on a regular recurring basis as evergreen asset protection programs. For these clients, MISTRAS provides dedicated rope access to remain on-site at our clients’ facilities, enabling them to react and respond to quickly-developing incidents.

We also supply rope access inspection and maintenance teams to support turnarounds and shutdowns/outages, keeping your personnel and equipment footprints to a minimum. Rope access can help to optimize your work stoppages, as our technicians are able to safely work simultaneously alongside other on-site personnel.

Rope Access in the Wind Energy Industry

MISTRAS specializes in rope access inspection and maintenance of utility-scale wind turbine blades and towers. Our rope access teams provide expedient and cost-effective service because they don't rely upon lifts or cranes to complete most work. The work is completed safely, efficiently, and economically with a focus on minimizing downtime of the asset.

Wind Turbine Blade Services
  • Aerodynamic profile upgrades (vortex generators, power curve upgrade components, etc.)
  • Composite blade repair (leading edge erosion, gelcoat, split trailing edge, lightning strikes, etc.)
  • Installation of leading edge protection systems
  • Lightning protection system inspection and testing
Wind Turbine Tower Services
  • Internal and external inspection
  • Internal and external cleaning
  • Tower flange sealing
  • Dent removal and coating repair
  • Torque testing of landing bolts
  • Bus bar service
Wind Turbine Mechanical Services
  • Blade shroud replacements
  • Bolt torque, tension, replacement and extraction
  • Bus bar repair and replacements
  • Cable slack repair
  • Deck and Yaw lip seal replacement
  • Ladder repairs and section replacement
  • Nacelle / Nose cone (Cleaning, composite repairs)
  • Tower Services (Cleaning coating/painting, weld inspection)

Rope Access Rock Stabilization

MISTRAS’ rock stabilization team operates in difficult-to-reach areas (quarries, mines, cliffs, roads, railways, penstocks, dams, etc.) to prevent debris screes caused by natural or induced instabilities. The team stabilizes surfaces from a variety of damage mechanisms, including falling rocks, boulders, erosion, and landslides, to ensure the safe and reliable operations of adjacent infrastructure throughout their construction, operation, and maintenance.

Our rock stabilization services include:

  • Blasting Plan
  • Bolting Pattern
  • Compressed Air or Water Cleaning
  • Deforestation
  • Drainage
  • Drilling for blasting
  • Dynamic Barrier Design and Installation
  • Excavation
  • Ground Control
  • Injection
  • Manholes/Chute/Raise Inspection/Release/Stabilization
  • Numerical Simulation
  • Rock Anchor Installation (active or passive)
  • Rock Face Stability Analysis
  • Rock Mass Classification
  • Rock Mass Strengthening
  • Scaling
  • Site Monitoring
  • Stabilization Drilling
  • Wire Mesh Installation and Removal

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