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Specific tank related damage mechanisms are:
  • Internal and external corrosion of roofs, floors and shells
  • Weld and weld heat affected zone integrity
  • Structural deficiencies (Settlement Surveys, Out of Roundness, Strapping)
Advanced techniques used to determine the above damage mechanisms are:

Acoustic Emission TankPAC™
MISTRAS utilizes a proprietary methodology for evaluating the condition of tank floors using Acoustic Emission (AE) while the tank is in service. An overall condition assessment is performed and individual areas of concern are noted to pinpoint follow up areas to inspect during a subsequent Out of Service inspection.

TALRUT™: Ultrasonic Tank Annular Long Range Inspection
Utilizing our proprietary LSI™ system, we are able to generate semi-quantitative data regarding the tank floor integrity adjacent to the shell to floor weld. This inspection technique encompasses approximately 10" into the tank floor from the exterior of the tank using an ultrasonic technique and a proprietary algorithm. The annular area of the tank is critical to the support structure, and safe operation of the tank.
UT Time-of-Flight-Diffraction (TOFD)
Ultrasonic TOFD is a rapid survey tool used to evaluate the shell and/or roof weld and weld heat affected zone looking for original fabrication type defects, or in service corrosion occurring in the heat affected zone. Follow up phased array inspection may be required in any area that exhibits potential damage discovered through the TOFD inspection.

Ultrasonic LSI
The ultrasonic LSI is a rapid erosion/corrosion scanning tool used for ultrasonic "drops" down the tank shell or the roof. The device is magnetically attached to the tank and operated remotely. The amount and quality of data is far superior to ultrasonic thickness readings, in that actual trending can be visualized as in the case of liquid to air interface corrosion. In the case of roof readings, the ability to attach the scanner enhances the safety of the project, as there is no need to access the roof by inspection personnel.
  • Avoid opening tanks and eliminate costs associated with cleaning and waste disposal.
  • Increase probability of detecting corrosion using LSI™ high speed corrosion mapping
  • Enhance safety using remote crawlers on roofs.
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