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Large Structure Inspection (LSI)

Large Structure Inspection (LSI) Robotic Scanning Services

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LSI Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII)

Developed in-house by MISTRAS, our Large Structure Inspection (LSI™) robotic scanning services offer automated inspections for corrosion and erosion on your largest assets.

Inspecting large scale structures can be a daunting and costly task. Due to their sheer magnitude, storage tanks, pipelines, ship hulls, pressure vessels, and other large assets are often difficult to inspect with traditional non-destructive testing (NDT) methods and handheld inspection equipment.

MISTRAS’ Large Structure Inspection (LSI) robotic scanning services evaluate entire structures. Time and resources are always of the essence, so our LSI services are designed to inspect large structures more efficiently than traditional NDT methods. With small teams and advanced inspection technology, inspections of large structures are completed in hours, reducing downtime and eliminating the need to hire multiple crews to inspect difficult-to-reach components.

Our LSI scanning services include:

  • Corrosion/Erosion Detection
  • Wall Thickness Mapping

Large Structure Inspection (LSI) Services

Large Structure Inspection (LSI) is a high-speed, ultrasonic corrosion/erosion scanning inspection technique. Operating at scan speeds as high as 18 inches per second, MISTRAS' LSI services are designed to cover large surface areas in a short amount of time. Typical scanning applications include tank, heat exchanger and pressure vessel shells, uninsulated piping systems, large marine vessels, and towers.

Designed for maximum transportability, MISTRAS’ LSI scanner is water-resistant and splash proof, capable of operating in wet and spontaneous environments. An optional unique dual transducer allows for double speed scanning coverage.

Benefits of the service include:

  • High speed scanning capability
  • File export to MS Excel for Engineering support/Analysis
  • Fully protected
  • Transportable for field or plant use

Ultrasonic Imaging and Analysis Software and Reporting

MISTRAS’ Ultrasonic Imaging and Analysis (UTIA) software allows accurate and fast data reporting. Multiple aspects of the structure are imaged and saved in a single data file, painting a complete picture of the state of the structure. 

UTIA Software advantages:

  • Operates in multiple configurations with various bridge lengths for versatility
  • Color-coded A, B, and C-Scan modes
  • Individual C-Scans “stitched” together
  • Numerical amplitude and thickness point reporting

Pipe Automated Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping Using LSI

For integrity evaluation, the LSI system is an essential element. Local corrosion mapping can find specific common faults in pipelines, something other processes cannot. Local-range “guided ultrasonic” systems can provide global coverage of general pipe condition but fail to detect specific faults such as continuous longitudinal corrosion along the bottom of a structure.

Local corrosion mapping via LSI is a solution for discovering pitting and discrepancies other methods are blind to. Never mind removing paint and material off the structure in preparation for testing, as extensive surface preparation is not necessary with the LSI system for corrosion mapping.

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