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LSI Services MINI Scanner Demonstration
Click here for a demo video of the automated MINI Scanner.
LSI Services LSI (Large Structure Inspection) Services
Click here for a demo video of our LSI Services.
Automated Ultrasonic inspection offers many benefits to our client base and is utilized on capital projects, maintenance inspection, turnaround scheduling/planning and shutdown/turnaround/ outage situations. From high speed erosion/corrosion scanning systems using computer controlled ultrasonic scanners and software designed by our in house software engineers, highly sensitive P-Scan systems for accurate identification, location and sizing of defects in weld material and "on-line" inspection of various assets for prioritization in turnaround schedules, phased array ultrasonic inspection used for weld inspection in lieu of radiography and a variety of other applications, to high speed Time of flight Diffraction, MISTRAS Services provides the appropriate ultrasonic inspection solution to your site. Some of the factors that we consider when recommending the appropriate ultrasonic technology are: the anticipated damage mechanism, operating condition of the asset, ability to access the area in question and the proximity of trade involvement to the inspection area.

Automated Ultrasonic Testing allows our clients to accurately monitor discontinuities over successive inspection intervals, calculate growth rates of discontinuities and plan repair or replacement activities. In addition, AUT supplies highly accurate data as an important tool for implementing Risk Based Inspection Programs, Fitness for Service Analysis and remaining useful life programs.

Benefits of AUT include:
  • Optimizes your inspection spend
  • Reliable, repeatable and accurate results
  • Minimizes costly internal entry
  • Minimizes unnecessary repairs
  • Reduces or eliminates downtime
  • Potentially reduces outage/turnaround schedules
  • "On-Line" inspection provides data for advanced planning
  • Accepted by regulatory and industry standards and specifications
  • Supports RBI, FFS and remaining life programs
Below please find a list of damage mechanisms and the technique(s) best suited to identify the type of damage in question:
  • Erosion/Corrosion of large areas: Large Structure Inspection
  • Erosion/Corrosion of small or inaccessible areas: Pocket UT
  • Flaw Detection and Sizing: Phased Array or P-Scan
  • Hydrogen Induced/Stress Oriented Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC&SoHIC): P-Scan or Phased Array
  • Ammonia/Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking: Phased Array or P-Scan
  • Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking: P-Scan
  • Creep Cracking: P-Scan
  • Microbiologically Induced Corrosion: Phased Array or P-Scan
Plant Equipment:
  • Vessels/Tanks: Large Structure Inspection, Time of Flight Diffraction, Phased Array, Pocket UT
  • Point of Contact Corrosion: Pocket UT with Touch Point fixture
  • Bullets: Large Structure Inspection or Pocket UT
  • Spheres: Large Structure Inspection or Pocket UT
  • Piping: Guided Wave, Touch Point Corrosion, Phased Array, P-Scan
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