The task of inspecting large structures is often one that brings financial and timeline burdens on facilities. Storage tanks, pipelines, ship hulls, and other structures are often too massive to inspect using traditional NDT methods. With our robotic Large Structure Inspection (LSI) services, MISTRAS offers a cost- and time-effective solution for evaluating the biggest structures our clients maintain.

MISTRAS’ LSI system is a proprietary robotic scanning service used for full and accurate corrosion & erosion imaging. A controlled arm on the structure surface detects corrosion, sending data in real time to our Ultrasonic Imaging and Analysis (UTIA) Software. With water-resistant and splash proof features, MISTRAS completes scans as fast as 18 inches per second. This software saves all scans and presents data in accessible, color-coded images. It can also produce wall thickness and corrosion mapping, as well as weld quality imaging, amongst other features.

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