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MISTRAS’ Asset Protection Specialties

MISTRAS takes our OneSource pledge seriously. We’re committed to delivering the right solution for each one of our clients’ individual asset protection problems.

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MISTRAS Group has evolved into an asset protection industry leader on the backbone of our expansive non-destructive testing (NDT) and field-testing portfolio.

Field Inspections Overview

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MISTRAS offers in-house lab inspection, testing, and machining services including non-destructive and destructive testing (NDT/DT), metallurgical, and chemical analysis testing for newly-fabricated and existing components, materials, and composites.

Lab Testing Overview

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MISTRAS' engineering and mechanical integrity consultations help to streamline facility design, enhance safety, improve profits, and optimize our clients' operational productivity.

Consulting Overview

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MISTRAS' integrated inspection & maintenance teams keep onsite personnel to a minimum by not only detecting damages, but performing light mechanical services to repair assets and return them to service as quickly as possible.

Maintenance Services Overview

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MISTRAS Group’s access solutions make inspection, maintenance, and protection possible for any at-height, confined, or subsea asset.

Access Overview

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MISTRAS Group offers comprehensive data management capabilities to seamlessly streamline the organization, analysis, and storage of your inspection and integrity data.

Data Management Overview

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MISTRAS offers asset condition-monitoring solutions for high-value assets in high-temperature, hazardous, and hard-to-reach locations, enabling our clients to stay informed of corrosion, leaks, electrical faults, cracking, and more before they worsen.

Monitoring Overview

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MISTRAS Group is a leading designer and manufacturer of non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment for industrial asset protection, including solutions for spot inspections and long-term, unattended monitoring applications.

Equipment Overview

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MISTRAS’ proceduralized special emphasis programs use our asset protection expertise to target the unique, uncommon, hazardous, and costly damages that risk the integrity of your assets and facility.

Special Emphasis Programs Overview

MISTRAS’ specialties are defined by the problems our customers face.

After MISTRAS opened its doors in 1978 as an innovative, forward-thinking acoustic emission equipment manufacturer with a single office in Princeton Junction, NJ – USA, our clients made it clear that receiving multiple solutions from a single provider would more effectively meet their needs.

Over the past several decades, MISTRAS has remained committed to answering that call by developing one of the most robust portfolios of asset protection solutions in the industry.

Today, MISTRAS partners with our clients to offer an integrated set of complementary solutions throughout every phase of their operations.

We execute these services on-site at our customers’ facilities on an individual basis or as part of evergreen, run-and-maintain contracts, in addition to performing services at our world-class labs located around the globe.

Our asset protection expertise is expansive, covering solutions from initial facility design, throughout everyday operations, and through de-commissioning decades later. Our asset protections specialties include:

MISTRAS® partners with our clients to serve as your OneSource for Asset Protection Solutions®. That’s not just an empty slogan; it’s our pledge to our clients. Explore our integrated specialties to see how MISTRAS can serve your needs.

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