Supply Chain Integration

Centralizing Manufacturing Processes in a Purpose-Built Facility

MISTRAS Lab in Le Creusot

MISTRAS is capable of enhancing the value we provide by integrating into our clients’ supply chains with purpose-built facilities.

MISTRAS’ OneSource approach to asset protection is predicated on providing the best possible solution for each customer’s individual problem. While some clients require one-off inspection and maintenance services to repair minor damages, other clients require custom-designed programs that take advantage of multiple MISTRAS specialties.

For clients in the latter group, MISTRAS offers the resources, technical capabilities, and asset protection expertise to integrate into their supply chain, by investing in dedicated, purpose-built facilities out of which MISTRAS performs multiple aspects of a customized asset protection program.

Optimizing Production Cycles with a Purpose-Built Facility

MISTRAS can simplify production cycle logistics by centralizing multiple production milestones in purpose-built facilities.

For example, rather than shipping parts to be inspected, shipping them out to be machined, polished, or finished, and then sending them back to the inspection provider for final inspection, MISTRAS can complete all of these services under one roof.

We’re able to do this due to our existing, expansive asset protection portfolio, and because our strong financial resources enable us to invest in whatever additional services and technologies our customers require us to perform.

We work with our clients to fill these plants with whatever testing and machining equipment they need, and we invest in talented engineers and technicians to perform multiple complementary services.

Supply Chain Integration Case Study: Aerospace Engine Manufacturing

Aircraft engine components must go through many steps before an engine gets built, including forging, metallurgical testing, pre-machining, finishing, and a multitude of inspections in between, among others.

In the traditional aerospace engine component manufacturing chain, each of those steps are often performed by individual contractors, which can lead to complicated logistics schedules, high shipping costs, and unexpected production delays.

As part of a decade-long strategic partnership with Safran Aircraft Engines announced in 2016, MISTRAS sought to optimize Safran’s production cycle of forged aircraft components by expanding the role that aerospace inspection service providers traditionally perform.

MISTRAS worked with Safran to purpose-build a facility that centralized several steps in the manufacturing process, including:

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Destructive Testing (DT)
  • Pre-Machining Services, including turning and drilling
  • Metallography

In addition to performing multiple complementary services, MISTRAS also invested in significant research & development to stock the plant with state-of-the-art, automated equipment focused on optimizing precision, speed, and productivity.

The result? By performing multiple services that cut down on logistics schedules, and by utilizing advanced, automated machining and inspection technology, MISTRAS helped to eliminate up to eight weeks out of our client’s production cycle.

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