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Integrated, Specialized Asset Protection Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

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Operating as a global leader in asset protection for the oil & gas industry, we dedicate a massive breadth of experience and resources to ensure your assets are operating efficiently and in compliance, and that your people and the environment remain safe.

MISTRAS Group has served as a leading, global, OneSource provider of asset protection solutions for the oil & gas industry for decades. We extend the full breadth of our specialties to each sector of the oil & gas industry, including:

Each client’s individual needs dictate our OneSource approach. “Asset protection” means something different for a new pipeline under construction than for an offshore platform. We understand that difference, and we custom-tailor our solutions and programs to answer each of the specific problems you face.

MISTRAS offers specialized, integrated solutions that help our clients to maximize safety and uptime and comply with safety and environmental regulations, throughout all phases of their operations. Operating on all fixed and rotating equipment throughout all sectors of the oil & gas industry, MISTRAS’ asset protection specialties include:

Asset Protection Solutions for Downstream Facilities

MISTRAS’ downstream refining asset protection portfolio is among the most robust in the world.

We offer a set of integrated solutions throughout every phase of your operations to ensure your plant is optimally designed, performing at peak production capacity, and operating safely and in compliance with industry & environmental regulations.

Our asset protection solutions help to ensure the safe and productive operations of all downstream equipment, including:

  • Tanks
  • Vessels
  • Heat Exchangers and Condensers
  • Piping
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Valves

Operating in traditional, at-height, subsea, and confined locations, MISTRAS advanced access specialists help our downstream clients aware of their assets’ conditions even in hard-to-reach locations.

Learn more about our solutions for downstream facilities & assets here.

Asset Protection Solutions for Midstream Pipelines & Transportation Assets

Transporting and storing petroleum, crude oil, and natural gas – whether by pipeline, truck, shipping vessel, terminal, or storage tank – provides ample opportunity for potentially hazardous materials to escape into the environment and cause serious safety risks to personnel. MISTRAS helps to ensure that these assets are free from corrosion, cracking, leaking, and other flaws.

We offer inspection & data management solutions for aboveground and buried pipelines undergoing construction, along with support for pipeline integrity management projects years later, including inline inspection and data analytics services.

MISTRAS also provides asset integrity support for other forms of land-based and maritime oil & gas transportation methods.

MISTRAS’ asset protection solutions for aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) cover every phase of ASTs operations, beginning with engineering consulting services for initial construction design development and continuing throughout storage tank lifetimes with inspection, maintenance, monitoring, access, and data management specialties.

Learn more about our solutions for midstream assets here.

Asset Protection Solutions for Exploration & Production (E&P) Assets

MISTRAS also offers a wide range of solutions to support our upstream E&P clients at the very beginning of the oil & gas cycle.

Specializing in offshore asset protection, MISTRAS utilizes traditional NDT technique inspections and monitoring to determine the integrity of various piping systems and vessels within the process boundaries of the vessel, and more advanced NDT techniques to monitor the structural integrity of the rig itself.

MISTRAS also serves as industry leaders in providing offshore maintenance & light mechanical services. We offer corrosion removal & mitigation services – including ultra-high pressure (UHP) blasting – along with insulation installation & removal, industrial cleaning, and pipefitting services.

Learn more about our solutions for upstream assets here.

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