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MISTRAS has an extensive range of non-destructive examination (NDE) inspection and monitoring solutions to ensure that assets in the combined cycle, fossil, nuclear, T&D, and wind energy sectors remain operating safely and efficiently.

Power plants, renewable power facilities, and transmission & distribution (T&D) assets are responsible for providing energy to homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure. Defects and damage in these assets can be catastrophic to facility performance and production, which can have a network of consequences across a power grid. Stress from regular operation makes power generation assets susceptible to defects such as cracking, corrosion, leaking, and a wide variety of other flaws that can combine to accelerate further asset degradation. Facility downtime limits overall production capacity and can lead to costly and hazardous system outages.

MISTRAS provides services to limit and avoid these outages across a variety of power generation facilities, including:

With regular inspection and monitoring, MISTRAS can ensure that power generation assets remain free of flaws and damage that could lead to asset failure. Plant accidents and equipment failure caused by asset damage can be extremely dangerous for both facility personnel and the surrounding environment.

We have a comprehensive array of inspection, engineering, maintenance, monitoring, and access services for a variety of power generation assets, including:

At-Height and Subsea Access for Power Generation Assets

MISTRAS has the advanced access capabilities to service assets that are inaccessible with traditional methods.

At-height wind turbines, underwater dam infrastructure, spent nuclear fuel pools, facility equipment in confined spaces, and any other assets that are hard or hazardous to reach are at risk for the buildup of serious damage if left uninspected. MISTRAS technicians are trained and certified to access assets in all locations, allowing your facility to avoid costly downtime and hazardous asset failure. MISTRAS’ access techniques include:

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