Corrosion under insulation (CUI) and fireproofing (CUF) can be difficult to detect without removing an asset’s protective layer, and harder to mitigate once it’s present. MISTRAS’ pulsed eddy current (PEC) and PEC array (PECA) inspections services ease the difficulties of detecting and locating CUI and CUF by enabling fast, accurate, in-service inspections of piping, tanks, sphere legs, and other insulated assets, with no need to remove insulation.

PEC probes placed on the wall in question apply an electric charge to generate eddy currents in the steel, allowing probes to estimate wall loss based on measurements of the induced magnetic field. PECA enables larger coverage in a single probe pass, while maintaining a high resolution. PECA also improves flaw detection and sizing with C-scan imaging.

Importantly, these inspection technologies do not require taking assets out of service. Piping, storage tanks, and vessels can be inspected with product still inside them, and there is no need for surface preparation.

MISTRAS helps you catch CUI before it starts costing you. Learn more here: