Princeton Junction, NJ – February, 2016 – Industry and technology leaders, MISTRAS Group, Inc. and The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. (E2G), announced the formation of a multi-faceted alliance to enable interoperability across software platforms, services, and support collaborative development efforts for powerful new client-centric solutions.

The collaboration draws upon the combined strengths of each organization – the breadth of MISTRAS’ asset protection and inspection portfolio fused with the depth of E2G’s engineering consulting services – to provide clients with a world-class, one-stop resource to manage the full lifecycle of their infrastructure.

“Both E2G and MISTRAS appreciate each other’s strengths and recognize the value of offering joint solutions to the global market that would be unparalleled,” David Osage, P.E., President & CEO of Equity Engineering.

Interoperability of engineering and inspection resources has become a topic of recent interest, as many energy and chemical companies consider it a means to streamline their operational efficiency. The joint interoperability solutions provided by the MISTRAS and E2G alliance intends to deliver on those interests and help clients advance and accelerate their plant management initiatives.

“As two companies who share a similar vision, our synergy and combined resources enable us to develop game-changing solutions,” said Dennis Bertolotti, Group Executive Vice President, Services Americas of MISTRAS Group.

About The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.
E2G|The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. is an employee-owned engineering firm whose focus is on providing specialized engineering consulting services for new and aging infrastructure in the oil and gas industry. E2G’s goal is to develop and transfer technologies that help clients improve plant profitability by maximizing equipment availability, managing risk, and controlling fixed-equipment costs. For more information about E2G, please visit the company’s website at